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What textures are popular in Japanese design?

Asked 2 years ago

I am redesigning my bedroom and I have been inspired by the culture. I want to change everything and do a full makeover, but I am stuck with picking the right texture. I know texture is an important element to this kind of interior design, but I just don’t know how to apply it to my bedroom and bring out that simple yet sophisticated feel. Any ideas?

Elisabeth Reed

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

You can make Japanese cultural references with contemporary textures like wood laminates and eco-friendly synthetic materials, with a high gloss or antique abstract look. The traditional textures are grass matting, silk, cotton, ceramics, and bamboo. New furniture in wood laminates works well, as do bold, solid color vinyl rugs from Beija Flor. Some suitable choices in this range are Galiana Black, or Wood Art Black, Amber or Reed. These grassy or smoky looks echo Japanese art. Similar art prints - or even other Beija Flor rugs - could be placed on walls, complementing the color of the main rug.

Jay Lopez

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Popular Japanese textures are soft and natural. Textures such as grass matting, silk, cotton, ceramics, and bamboo are a great place to start. Texture is very important in Japanese culture with a focus on these textures being beautiful in their imperfection, while still being sophisticated. Rugs that are Japanese inspired - on the floor or places on your walls can bring in a bold look.

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