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7 Best Vibrant Rugs You'll Need for Your Next Spring Makeover

Kelli Harris - Writer for Beija Flor
By Kelli Harris
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
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Updated February 9, 2023.

A patio with a floral rug and a chair surrounded by plants and flowers

With spring just around the corner, we can't help but be cheerful! The change of seasons not only brightens your mood but also inspires you to give your home a new look. One easy hack to transform any room into a spring sanctuary is by adding a striking rug.

Here, we bring you seven choices for vibrant, stylish rugs that will add a pop of color not only for the spring season but to last throughout the year.

Our Top 7 Picks for Best Vibrant Spring Rugs

Embodying the spirit of spring with its eclectic and free-spirited design, this rug will bring a lightness to any room you choose. Made of durable vinyl, you can count on its long-lasting performance and hassle-free maintenance, which makes it perfect for placing in busy, messy areas like the dining room or under your kitchen table.

You can either use this rug as the focal point or go full-on bohemian and match it with other boho-style décor elements.

Bohemian Garden Hazel Rug

5.0/5(1 reviews)

If the classic pairing of black and white is more your style, the Gambit rug will be a great addition to your home. With its monochromatic tiles and Italian architectural border, it will ground any space while looking effortlessly elegant in the spring sun, especially in open plans like lofts.

What we love about this rug is that its versatility lets you pair it with any décor element you choose. But for spring, we recommend adding a pop of color!

Gambit Italiano Rug

4.9/5(1 reviews)

The blooming flowers, lush greens, and pink hues of this rug, combined with its folksy patchwork of prints and patterns, all contribute to the feeling of warmth we associate with the arrival of spring.

A quilted rug like this is perfect for adding a rustic element to a bedroom, and when paired with perky floral shades, it creates a cozy springtime boudoir. For the full effect, we recommend building on the spring feeling by matching the rug with your other décor pieces like creative bedroom wall art, blankets, or lamps.

Quilt Kilim Vinyl Rug Flower

5.0/5(3 reviews)

Springtime evokes images of picnics on fresh green lawns, and this rug, with its pastel blue and verdant greens, brings that lush spring atmosphere right into your home. The geometric pattern adds visual interest without overwhelming the space, making it a fantastic option to breathe life into your hallway.

And to really make the design pop, we recommend decorating your patio with this rug, making it work with your plants and greenery to create a real floral explosion.

Bella Classic Vinyl Rug

5.0/5(6 reviews)

The Rita Smoky rug will revive any space in your home with its timeless versatility. With its intricate patterns that draw inspiration from Persian rugs and the gentle, muted color palette, this rug will give your room a cultured, serene ambiance.

Since it promotes a calm, restful atmosphere, we love it as a bedroom rug. However, its durable material also makes it work well in hallways, where this hard-wearing and easy-to-clean piece will serve a practical purpose in addition to being beautiful.

Rita Smoky Rug

4.9/5(1 reviews)

This flower-patterned kilim rug is so floral you'll feel like you're in a real meadow in springtime! In addition to being a celebration of all things spring, this rug is also a nod to Romanian folklore, so it will fit right into more traditional room designs.

The rug's intricate embroidery detail communicates a gentle, feminine bohemian vibe, which is always on trend during springtime. We especially love this rug for minimalist or neutral living spaces since it balances them out perfectly.

Mary Natural Vinyl Rug

5.0/5(4 reviews)

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it's the perfect space for your family to enjoy a touch of refreshing spring. This Dutch-inspired modern print rug is just the thing to infuse light and symmetry into your kitchen.

With its soft hues of dusty blue, black, chocolate brown, orange, beige, and brick red, this rug will revive your kitchen and give it a cozy atmosphere. And the best part? Its vinyl material promises durability, making it the best choice for messy spaces such as the kitchen sink area.

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Amsterdam Classic Concrete Rug

5.0/5(5 reviews)

Bring Springtime Into Your Home With a Vibrant Rug

A brand new colorful rug is the easiest way to bring the spirit of springtime into your home through décor. Whether you're looking for bright colors, cheerful florals, or calming neutrals, the rugs on our list are just what you need for a quick spring makeover.

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