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7 Rugs Perfect for Modern Persian Interior Design

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Updated March 1, 2023.

Long and narrow patterned rug on the floor of a top storey room

Traditional Persian rugs have a history dating back more than 2,500 years, originating from the need to warm the floors of nomads during their travels. Over time, intricate designs have evolved and been passed down through generations. Today, these Persian rugs are not only still fashionable but also more practical, as they are easier to clean, durable, and eco-friendly. They perfectly complement the "Boho chic" and "exotic" styles found in many high-end interior design magazines, providing endless Persian rug interior design possibilities, and adding warmth and character to any space.

There are many ways to achieve a modern Persian interior look, such as using your Persian rug to complement an accent wall that has a rich color, matching a bold color from your rug to the walls, furniture, or accessories, and keeping key pieces of furniture neutral to let your rug shine as a focal point, within the theme of a modern Persian interior design.

Let us take you on a journey with our selection of 7 Persian-inspired rugs to reflect a modern Persian house decor.

1. Best Red Persian Rug for Light Wood Floors

Intricately patterned Persian rug in dark red and black tones

If you're looking for a statement piece to add drama to your Persian-inspired home, this red Persian rug is a perfect choice. With its lush burgundy colors and striking traditional yet modern design, it incorporates the flowers and complex structures found in nature. The Persian Dark rug is a bold and eye-catching addition to any space, making it perfect for luxurious lounges, seductive bedrooms, or cohesively curated dining rooms. It's especially suitable for light wood floors, providing a stunning contrast that's sure to catch the eye.

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2. Best Stylish Rug to Add Elegance to Any Room

Intricately patterned rug in blue and white tones with dark edges

The Flora Bello Indigo rug blends traditional and modern styles, adding a touch of Persian-inspired elegance to any setting. With its soft greys and shades of indigo, this rug is the perfect base for a modern kitchen, pairing exceptionally well with stone, concrete, quartz, and granite. Its easy-to-clean and durable material makes it an ideal choice for busy kitchen areas. This premium Persian vinyl rug is also a great choice for bathrooms with grey or white tones, providing a strong point of interest that pairs well with navys, blacks, and shots of blue. Add a touch of class and style to any room with the Flora Bello Indigo rug.

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3. Best Cozy Rug for Your Living Room

Intricately patterned Persian rug in dark red and black tones

The Persian Bordeaux rug is the perfect cozy addition to your home, providing endless Persian rug living room ideas that can transform it into a welcoming oasis. With its gorgeous and inviting cerise tapestry, this rug creates a modern take on a traditional Persian pattern that's intricately designed, making it the perfect conversation starter for any space. Whether you're creating a traditional Persian living room or a travel-themed space, this rug is the ultimate core decor piece from which to build a captivating setting. Pair it with smaller pieces from far away to create a sense of adventure and complete the cozy look and feel of your living room.

» Inspire romantic memories with Persian Bordeaux Rug

4. Best Patterned Rug to Brighten Up Any Room

Intricately patterned rug in green and neutral tones

The Barcelona Meadow rug is the perfect patterned rug to brighten up any room with its calming pale tones and soothing symmetry. Inspired by traditional patterns, this rug provides the ideal base for Persian house decor, whether it's in your bathroom, kitchen, or contemporary living room. The design exudes a sense of luxury and upmarket glamour, while still being functional. You can easily elevate this design even further with splashes of vibrant color, glamorous and shimmering metallics, or high-end textures in the surrounding decor. Alternatively, pair the rug with other soft neutrals to create a tranquil retreat that's both stylish and comfortable.

» Bring a sense of luxury to a functional space with Barcelona Meadow Rug

5. Best Chic Rug to Add Flair to Your Bedroom

Persian Rita Powder

The Rita Powder rug is a chic addition to any bedroom, with its deceptively simple Persian rug design that's known among Beija Flor makers for its warmth and versatility. Combining warm stones, soft pinks, and subdued oranges, this rug creates a comforting and grounding base for interior spaces such as bedrooms, lounges, and dining rooms decorated in earth tones. It's a perfect example of the kind of Persian living room ideas that can also be applied to other rooms in the house. For example, you can use it in your child's play area, and it will provide a cozy feel that's easy to maintain. Pair this patterned rug with solid colors that match its palette to create a cohesive look and add flair to your bedroom.

» Highlight your home's simplicity with Persian Rita Powder Rug

6. Best Bright Area Rug to Add a Pop of Color

Intricately patterned rug with border in blue, yellow and brown tones

The India Classic rug is the perfect bright area rug to add a pop of color to any room, with its traditional yet modern aesthetic. The classic design invites socializing, conversation, and entertainment into the user's space, making this rug a perfect addition to any space. The sunshine-yellow and dark turquoise design provides an instant lift to dark or otherwise boring rooms, creating a captivating meeting of patterns. Add this rug to your living room or bedroom to make a statement and elevate your space.

» Nurture a friendly atmosphere with India Classic Rug

7. Best Persian Rug for a Timeless Look

Intricately patterned Persian rug in pink and brown tones

For a timeless look, the Rita Bordeaux rug is the perfect choice, adding old-world charm and feminine florals to any traditional living room. Oriental rugs can elevate a space and create a modern feel while still honoring traditional design elements. This rug evokes late-night conversations on the couch between women and sisters, creating a welcoming and enthralling atmosphere. As part of the flatwoven collection, it honors the age-old handmade carpets that were originally created with loom and wool, capturing the authentic traditions of days gone by.

» Hint at subtle femininity with Persian Rita Bordeaux Rug

Take a Carpet Ride to Another World

Embark on a journey to another world with a Persian-styled rug for your interior makeover. It allows you to step into a world of folktales, legends, and heritage while creating a modern space inspired by an ancient tradition. These rugs provide a superb starting point for the creation of a Persian interior, adding warmth, character, and conversation starters to any space.

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PS: We Love Our Planet

At Beija Flor, we are committed to the environment and take steps to minimize our impact. All of the designs listed above are made using safe materials that are free from phthalate, creating better indoor air quality than most rugs. In addition, they are 100% recyclable and made using 20% recycled content. We also plant trees every year to offset our carbon footprint. When you choose one of our Persian-inspired rugs, you can feel good knowing that you're not only elevating your home decor but also making a positive impact on the planet.