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How to Effortlessly Brighten Any Dark Room Using Rugs

Naomi Scott-Dunne - Writer for Beija Flor
By Naomi Scott-Dunne
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Updated February 6, 2023.

A colorful patterned kilim-style rug on the living room floor under a wicker coffee table in front of a white sofa

While bright, sun-drenched rooms filled with a light, neutral color palette may be deluging our Instagram feeds, in reality, some homes are naturally darker because they're north-facing, they're located on a lower floor, or natural light is restricted by overgrown foliage or other buildings.

There's a fine line between having a dark and cozy setting and one that drains your mood, saps your energy, reduces productivity, and destabilizes your emotional psyche. While interior designers have many tricks for brightening up your space, including using layered lighting and various painting effects, the easiest way to achieve a brighter space is by choosing the right rug. Scroll down to learn our expert interior design tips for brightening up your space using an area rug.

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Choose a Bright Rug

A rug in a shade of orange decorated with white floral pattern under an intricately decorated dining room table

Creating a warm and convivial environment is one of the main goals of interior design, and using brightly colored rugs goes a long way in achieving this effect. As a quick introduction to color psychology, it's key to understand that the color spectrum is made up of warm and cool colors—warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are associated with heat and the sun, while cool colors like blue, green, or lilac are associated with cold and the sea.

Warm, bright colors motivate feelings of joy, energy, and playfulness, so they're ideal for any social space since they instantly create an uplifting ambiance perfect for entertaining. On the other hand, cool colors recede away from you, making them perfect for spaces that require a degree of focus and calm since they promote a restful and balanced atmosphere. So, we recommend brightly colored area rugs as the perfect starting point for introducing light into any decorative scheme since they add personality, anchor the room, and create a focal point.

Use a Patterned Rug

An ostrich-patterned round rug in pink hues on a black and white floor

A simple way to brighten up your space with a rug is to spice up your décor by using a patterned rug as part of your design. Patterns create a visual balance by blending simple and complex elements together while also creating depth, movement, and interest within a space. What's more, pattern mixing is truly having a renaissance in today’s maximalist design movement: we frequently see bold stripes combined with leopard prints, geometric shapes, and floral patterns—all in the same room concept.

Of course, there's no rule book when it comes to your patterns—it's all about having fun and embracing the design you like the most. If you're a fan of maximalism, Beija Flor’s latest collaboration with Divine Savages is the perfect example of how a patterned rug can brighten up a space by combining a playful geometric design with bold flora and fauna detailing in a joyful color palette.

And from a practical perspective, patterned rugs can hide uneven flooring surfaces and other floor imperfections, so we highly suggest using them in high-traffic areas such as busy entryways, living rooms, and kitchens.

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Try a Colorful Rug

Colorful geometric-patterned rug on a living room floor

As we mentioned earlier, embracing bright colors in your space will inject it with new energy, personality, and movement, creating a warm and welcoming environment. To maximize these benefits, we strongly feel that combining multiple colors in your rug is the way to go!

Vibrant, colorful rugs add interest and act as a starting point for a cohesive décor scheme that you can choose your other accessories around. If the rug is in the warm spectrum, try and continue that theme by playing around with orange, yellow, and red décor elements such as wall art, vases, and cushions, but be careful not to make it too matchy-matchy. Colorful area rugs are like artwork—they introduce another dimension into a space, and should be the focal point.

When it comes to using colorful rugs in a minimalist setting, they can brighten up the space by serving as a unique focal point that breaks the monotony. However, we recommend choosing a restrained color palette that includes pastels and buttery, muted tones to preserve the simplicity and clean look of your minimalist design. When properly executed, using colors helps enhance minimalist spaces and create more logical, streamlined surroundings that inspire mental clarity and foster wellness while brightening up your space.

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Brighten Up Your Space With the Right Rug

Bright hues in interior design are internationally endorsed as a welcome antidote to the grays and beiges which have dominated interiors over the past decade. This only illustrates that color is back with a vengeance—so put your new color knowledge to the test, embrace your inner chameleon, and explore which color palette resonates with you.

By introducing a colorful rug that reflects your personality into your home, you can rest assured your space will get a dose of brightness that will certainly improve your mood and bring your other décor elements together.

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