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7 Bohemian Style Rugs: Bring an Eclectic Edge to Your Home

Nicole Day - Writer for Beija Flor
By Nicole Day
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published December 15, 2022.

An orange rug with white floral motif under a dining room table

If you've ever visited a home that’s uber-cool, eclectic, and radiates a laid-back vibe (perhaps much like its owner), you may've just been in a Bohemian-themed home. Those who go down the Bohemian route tend to reflect their love for arts and travel in their home with various memorabilia, art, fun colors, textures, bold rug designs, and more.

Generally, the Boho style bends traditional design rules to create a layered, personalized look. If you want to embrace your Boho side while setting up your home, you'll need the right Boho rug to complete the look. Additionally, you can pair your rug with wall art to really capture the essence of this fun and carefree style. To help you along your Bohemian journey, we've gathered the following seven rugs as our top choices for Boho-style homes.

1. Eclectic Spring

Eclectic Spring Rug by Beija Flor

When it comes to colors, neutrals like whites and tan are at the forefront of the Bohemian style. With this in mind, it's no wonder that this Eclectic Spring rug suits the style perfectly! It offers a wide range of colors all in harmony with one another, as none is too bright and out of place. The color palette is complemented with a vast array of patterns, all mixed in different blocks to create a very pleasing aesthetic that's a perfect testament to the Bohemian style.

» Create a pleasing aesthetic with Eclectic Spring Rug

2. Bohemian Garden White

Bohemian Garden White by Beija Flor

The Bohemian style is also about being one with nature, and that includes plants and flowers. Our Bohemian Garden White rug definitely showcases this with its soft white background topped with a floral pattern. The dusty blue perfectly compliments the grapefruit tone, allowing each color to pop individually while still remaining balanced. Having fun with the décor is what the Bohemian style is all about, and this rug is a great way to do just that.

» Introduce a floral element with Bohemian Garden White Rug

3. Borgo Eclectic Powder Antique

Borgo Powder Antique by Beija Flor

Reverting back to neutrals, this Borgo Eclectic Powder Antique rug is true to its name, as the soft color palette mimics the effect of sprinkled powder with its subdued brightness. The Bohemian style is grounded in neutral tones and mixed patterns, which is why this rug has made our list!

» Mix interesting patterns with Borgo Eclectic Powder Antique Rug

4. Bohemian Garden Hazel

Bohemian Garden Hazel by Beija Flor

Orange is also a great color for introducing the Bohemian style, as its vibrant feel offers a sense of warmth to the room. This inviting color coupled with different floral patterns directly aligns with the Bohemian style. The Bohemian Garden Hazel rug embraces this color and enhances it with a beautiful, free-spirited floral design that leaves the rug seeming light and complimenting the room it's placed in.

» Add a sense of warmth with Bohemian Garden Hazel Rug

5. Bohemian Garden Fall

Bohemian Garden Fall by Beija Flor

Inspired by whimsical gardens, this Bohemian Garden Fall rug encompasses neutral and earthy tones to create a delicate and beautiful floral display. Because the Boho design revolves around the elements of the natural world, nature-inspired patterns such as this make for a perfect fit in a Bohemian-styled home.

» Bring nature inside with Bohemian Garden Fall Rug

6. Eclectic Bordeaux

Intricately patterned rug under scatter cushions, a laptop and notebooks

Another two-toned rug, the Eclectic Bordeaux rug fully embraces a rusty red earth color in a mixture of unique and different patterns amid a plain white background. Again, we reference the earthy elements, but this really is the foundation of the Bohemian style. This rug keeps things casual and unified and will pair beautifully with bronze scatter cushions and white furnishings.

» Enhance the earthy feel with Eclectic Bordeaux Rug

7. Bohemian Garden Gold

Bohemian Garden Gold by Beija Flor

Gold is one of the pinnacle colors of the Bohemian style. Our vibrant Bohemian Garden Gold rug displays the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) to create a striking design that's full of life. As much as the Boho style is known for its neutral and plain elements, it can also reveal playfulness and expression through pops of color. These three colors are used expressively to showcase a whimsical display of flowers, beautifully mimicking a carefree environment. What's more, this rug will not only add beauty to the room but also serve as a comfortable, functional floor covering.

» Add a pop of color with Bohemian Garden Gold Rug

Achieve the Boho Style in Your Home With an Eclectic Rug

Any of the rugs on our list make for a simple way to achieve the Boho-style effect in your home. However, remember that they work best when paired with the right art, as wall art can really spice up the room! Enjoy the freedom that comes with this style and the fun you'll have while transforming your home into a Bohemian haven.

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