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Where to Place Your Bedroom Rug

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Published June 21, 2022.

Wooden chair with mustard colored covering on tile patterned vinyl rug

Placing a rug in your bedroom can make it look cozy and warm while also protecting the carpet or floor underneath. Chances are that you’ve been told you also need a rug pad but are they really necessary?


Rug pads offer many benefits and if you’re planning to have a rug in your bedroom for a long time, you should definitely invest in one. They keep rugs from slipping and curling, extend the lives of rugs, reduce noise, protect your floors, and even insulate rooms.

Can You Place Rugs on Carpets in Your Bedroom?

Whether you want to spice up your home with new decor or love the idea of rugs in your living space, you’ve probably considered adding one to your bedroom.

But is it okay to put a rug in your bedroom if you’ve already got a wall-to-wall carpet?

Of course! In fact, adding a rug can make your room look even better and imbibe a sense of warmth and welcome. A well-placed rug can add a fresh burst of color to your bedroom and make it feel inviting and luxurious—something that is always good for a bedroom. Read our post on bedroom feng shui to learn more.

In addition to elevating the decor value of your bedroom, a placing a rug on a carpet can also hide unsightly and stubborn stains or wear and tear. Also, a long-lasting rug can help protect and prolong the life of the carpet.

Just keep in mind that the rug should be chosen with care so it won’t clash with the rest of your bedroom’s decor or look out of place. And don't forget your rug pads!

The Best Rugs for Your Bedroom

Choosing the best rugs for your bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated or stress-inducing. It can actually be a lot of fun.

So, what type of rug is best for the bedroom? Well, you have several options to choose from.

Because your bedroom isn’t visited by many people the way your living room might be, you can go ahead and choose something long-lasting, eco-friendly, and easy to clean, such as a premium vinyl option.

When it comes to size, don’t go too small because that can make the whole room feel off and not really serve a purpose. Don’t go too big either, as that can look silly. Leave some space between your rug and the walls of your bedroom.

The perfect rug for your bedroom will, of course, depend on your own style and preferences. You can go for a rug with a traditional aesthetic if it suits your room and personal taste, or choose something more modern.

Different Placement Ideas for Bedroom Rugs

Now, on to the next question regarding bedrooms and rugs: where to put them. Once again, you have more than one option to choose from and it all depends on your own taste and preference, as well as the size of the room. Placing a rug in a small bedroom will be a different process to a larger bedroom.

You can place the rug at the foot of your bed if it’s not very big. Ideally, a rug placed in front of a bed should be smaller than or equal to the bed’s width. If it is bigger than the bed’s width, it should be placed with the top under the bed’s footboard. If you want your rug underneath your bed, you can place the top a few inches under the bed, making sure it’s symmetrical. Or, you can put three-quarters of the rug under the bed, sliding it underneath the nightstands as well.

Should you prefer to place your rug at the side of your bed, you may want to go with a smaller size so it’s the focal point of the room.

You should experiment with different placements and rug sizes to find the best one for your room.

What Color Should a Bedroom Rug Be?

The color rug you should have in your bedroom really depends on you. What kind of atmosphere do you want in your bedroom?

For a light and airy feel, go with a white rug or choose a patterned one in a neutral shade. If you like a coastal vibe in your bedroom, choose a blue or sandy-colored rug with a nice texture.

A sophisticated room will look better with a traditional style rug in dark or neutral colors, while a bold color will add a touch of personality to your bedroom.