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3 Materials Best-Suited for Bedroom Rugs

Before deciding on the style & color of a bedroom rug, you need to choose its material. We’ve summarized the three best materials for bedroom rugs, so read on!

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Published July 27, 2022.

The best material for a bedroom rug depends on your lifestyle, the rug's placement in the bedroom, and the amount of wear and tear on the mat or carpet. Color, pattern, and style can be chosen after selecting a rug textile for durability and comfort.


Vinyl is tough, colorfast, long-lasting, and smooth underfoot. It provides a warm layer over the floor so that bare feet don't suffer when they get out of bed.

For a rug in a child's bedroom, where messy play, spills, and food might spoil a cotton carpet, you could opt for a vinyl rug that can be wiped clean easily.

You might want a beautiful vinyl rug in your bedroom to complement your décor. Beija Flor offers a broad selection of quality vinyl rugs for the bedroom that suit many design styles.


Polyester rugs are machine washable and durable. Their pile is softer underfoot than most vinyl, and they provide more warmth. However, they need more care than vinyl rugs and can stain easily.

Cotton or Wool Blend

A cotton or wool blend rug is a luxury item, and it feels soft underfoot, which is great for placing under and surrounding your bed.

However, it requires the greatest amount of care. It is susceptible to stains and costly to clean professionally because its fibers quickly absorb and spread moisture.

It is generally recommended for adults, as children aren't as aware of stains and messes.

The Bottom Line

Choose a rug in your bedroom that will bring durability and comfort: vinyl rugs are versatile and add color and harmony to any room.