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The Best Christmas Gift for Moms in 2022

The best Christmas gift for Moms is an interior design item: living room or bedroom décor, a beautiful rug design, or a table runner to refresh the home.

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Published October 21, 2022.

Our homes light up with special decorations and guests at Christmas time. We want to spoil our loved ones and remind them of how special they are to us, especially Mom.

But moms are difficult to shop for—they already seem to have everything! By choosing a new interior design item for her, you can show you care about her living space and invest in a memorable gift that will last for years. Discover how you can surprise your mom in three different ways below.

1. Brighten Up Mom's Room with a Vinyl Rug

Kilim Colorful Rugs

Mom's room will have an instant facelift when you give her a stunning, high-quality vinyl bedroom rug. It's long-lasting and can simply be washed or wiped down. Try different themed and sized rugs depending on her style and the size of the room. Explore Bohemian, Armenian, or African rug designs for inspiration. Don't be pressured to feel that bigger is always better—a small rug for her bedside can add an exquisite sense of luxury.

» What color rug should you choose? Consider Beija Flor's Kilim Colorful Rug or Eclectic Colorful Rug to brighten up her space

2. Help Mom Redesign Her Living Space with Wall Art

Gala Wall Art

New wall art in the living room can lift everyone's spirits and create a fresh look. From the rustic appeal of a white wooden panel— cleverly avoiding splinters with its vinyl material— to interesting, graphic, black-and-white gala wall art, your options are almost endless. If she loves pottery, choose some brightly decorative clay wall art to make a colorful focus in a dark area.

» Can you use metal wall art? Beija Flor's Abstract Designer Sheet can bring sophistication to any space

3. Get Mom Matching Table Runners and Placemats

Bella Classic Table Runner

Help Mom wow her guests during dinner parties or functions with new table runners and placemats. While these items may be small, they can harmonize and bring a theme together. For example, setting Raw Carrara round placemats on a contrasting natural linen table runner provides an elegant solution.

» Can table runners and placemats match? Pair Beija Flor's Bella Classic Table Runner with the Bella Classic Placemat for a well-designed Mediterranean look


Celebrate your mom with a lasting Christmas gift that adds a new vibrancy to her home. Visit our website for a variety of vinyl rugs, wall art, placemats and table runners see how you can make her holiday all that more special.