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What is the Persian color palette for interior design?

Asked 2 years ago

I have a vacation home that needs a makeover. I'm thinking of decorating some rooms with Persian-style décor. I want to add a touch of luxury to the living room with rich colors, and I want the guest bedrooms to be more inviting and warm.

Justus Mayo

Sunday, June 19, 2022

The Persian color palette is very rich and vibrant, so the interior design possibilities are absolutely endless! A Persian color palette usually consists of rich reds, soft pinks, and roses, greens that symbolize nature and sanctity; as well as energetic blues and indigo that represent the ocean. Choose 2 colors from your Persian palette to act as the accent colors in your living room space.

Desmond Mcneil

Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Persian palette can do wonders to create a cohesive and vibrant color scheme. Persian colors range from vivid reds to rich greens, to more neutral colors like beige and ivory, which can bring warmth and grounding to your living room. Adding a floral accent of soft pink can complete a modern and stylish look.

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