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Basics of Placing a Rug Under Your Bed

A rug under your bed needs to be beautiful, but also neat and functional. Use these interior design tips for rug placement to enhance your bedroom decor.

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Published July 25, 2022.

The impact of a rug under the bed is that it adds warmth and comfort to the room. It's also a visual anchor for the furnishings and color scheme. While it's a decor must, there are no rules, only guidelines, to experiment with your own furnishings.

When you decorate your bedroom and opt for a rug, consider placing a substantial portion of the rug under the bed as a visual anchor. However, you should still have a sufficient area of rug around the bed for comfort and decoration. The rug should extend at least 10 inches beyond the base of the bed.

The size of the room will affect the location of a rug. Placing a rug in a smaller bedroom may require the bed to be positioned against a wall on one side. Position the bedside rug on the open side of the bed to decorate and liven up the room. Place the two outer legs of the bed on the rug.

The size of the area rug also needs to be considered. If you're using a smaller rug that doesn't match the size of the bed, then place it under two-thirds of the bed, with a space between the head of the bed and the edge of the rug. For example, a 4 x 6 ft rug or 5 x 8 ft rug used with a double bed will fit only the bottom two-thirds of the bed. There will then be a generous margin of rug around the bed.