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Best Rug Size to Anchor Your King Size Bed

Learn how to enhance your bedroom décor by choosing the best rug size to anchor in your king-size bed.

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Published October 28, 2022.

Since it takes up a major portion of your bedroom space, a king-size bed needs to be treated as a décor item in a bedroom. You can enhance the bedroom décor by anchoring the bed visually on a large rug.

For the best results, consider the relationship between a bedroom rug and your bed, and choose a rug size that best shows off the bed.

Ideal Rug Size for a King-Size Bed

When choosing a rug to place under your bed, the ideal rug size depends on the how much of the rug is showing around the bed, creating an island of color and shape and allowing comfort for bare feet. Ideally, the rug should be 8 x 10 feet to allow a margin of 18–24 inches around the edge of the bed. A 9 x 12-foot rug is more of a décor statement in a bigger space.

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Consider Different Rectangular Rug Sizes

When choosing your bedroom rug, it's good to use a rectangular shape similar to the bed (8 X 10 feet). Although you can opt for a rug that's a few feet longer (9 X 12 feet), this can offer a showy extension beyond the foot of the bed. For a more harmonious relationship between your rug and bed, you can move the 8 X 10-foot rug lower down so that the length extends more at the foot of the bed while not exposing too much of the rug.

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Placing a Round Rug Under a King-Size Bed

Although rectangular rugs work great with king-size beds because they're similarly shaped, you can also choose a round rug if you want to create a symmetrical comfort zone around the bed. If you're unsure whether to go with a round rug for under the bed, you could explore other bedroom rug placement options and choose round bedside rugs.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Rug Size

Here's what you should have in mind when picking the right rug size to visually anchor your king-size bed:

  • A standard king-size bed is 10 feet long, so your rug should be at least 8 X 10 feet, which overlaps with the best rug size for a queen bed.
  • The space available for the rug depends on whether you're placing it under the bedside tables or not, and on the space needed for opening doors.

Which Part of the Bed Fits on the Rug?

Ideally, your whole bed should fit on the rug. However, if your chosen rug size doesn't allow for this, at least the lower two-thirds of the bed should fit on the rug.

Find the Right Rug Size for Your King-Size Bed

Before choosing the right rug size for under your bed to enhance your bedroom décor by visually anchoring your bed, you should first settle on your preferred rug shape. Then, get your measurements ready, browse our collection of bedroom rugs, and enjoy the comfort!