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5 Creative Wall Art Pieces for Modern Master Bedrooms

Kelli Harris - Writer for Beija Flor
By Kelli Harris
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
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Updated December 2, 2022.

Black and white wall art behind a bed

When choosing the right wall art for the master bedroom, there really is no right or wrong—this is a question of what works for you. It all comes down to your preferences and the vision you have for a bedroom with artwork pieces.

That said, this doesn't mean your selection process should be automatic or the same as choosing wall art for other rooms in your house, like your dining room or living room.

The bedroom has a distinct function, which is to help you relax and unwind after an arduous day. To create the best atmosphere for rest, the art you choose should reflect the mood or ambiance you're going for. Carefully chosen large bedroom wall art can contribute to creating an intimate, relaxing environment in your art-themed room through its soft, calming aura.

Apart from knowing how to pair rugs with wall art for the best effect, thoroughly considering which art pieces to choose is of the utmost importance. To help you make your decision, we've rounded up four creative wall art pieces to transform your master bedroom into the haven you deserve.

1. Abstract Designer Sheet

Rustic wooden detailed wall art on a bedroom wall above a king-size bed

Cubism, Post-Impressionism, and Impressionism originated abstract art, shaping the concept of art as something separate from representation. Drawing on these ideas, our Abstract Designer Sheet is a multipurpose texture sheet with the ability to define the space and provide a new level of aesthetic complexity and depth in your bedroom.

» Create a unique aesthetic with Abstract Designer Sheet Wall Art

2. Concrete Natural

A concrete-texture wall art piece above a bed with pillows

Those who don't want their modern bedrooms to be completely immaculate can experiment with cement while decorating the walls. Polished concrete will provide evenness for smooth textures while erasing the cement's irregular coloration. Your contemporary bedroom should benefit from additional design elements that create dividing lines on the walls.

Concrete walls can be used in industrial designs in a variety of ways. Smooth or mildly porous textures are ideal for interiors with concrete wall panels.

» Combine different textures with Concrete Natural Wall Art

3. Tin Tile

Tin Tile Wall Art

Add an intriguing piece of extruded metal art to your bedroom interior. If you texture your wall with tin and corroded metallic paint, you can achieve the classic appearance of the Victorian era. Tin tile wall décor is long-lasting and adaptable, and it may provide the room's walls with visual flair. Although rustic dining room wall art seems like a more obvious choice, rustic pieces work really well with bedrooms too.

Tin tiles are among the best options for those who favor vintage-inspired décor, as their adaptability and durability make it simple to find a piece that suits your needs.

» Provide your bedroom with visual flair with Tin Tile Wall Art

4. Concrete

Concrete Wall Art

Concrete is often thought of as a cold, hard material, but when used in interior design, it can actually introduce a warm and relaxing feeling to a space.

Applying concrete-look wall panels to your master bedroom will add a touch of industrial chic to the space. The design is ever-so-slightly distressed, which will lend a more rustic look to the wall.

» Introduce some industrial chic with Concrete Wall Art

5. Wood Panel

Earthy, soft, aged wood colors in wall art vinyl sheet

With wooden wall art décor, you can create your own timeless style that's functional, inexpensive, natural, and has a luxurious finish.

The capability of creating different compositions is a major benefit of decorative wooden panel wall art. They provide a cozy atmosphere and organic character. A tale is waiting to be revealed in the wood panels with various color layers fused together.

» Set a cozy atmosphere with Wooden Panel Wall Art

Placement of Wall Art in Your Master Bedroom

When choosing your wall art, you also need to consider where to hang it. Having a clear vision of this can help pick your wall décor.

Unlike with placing a rug in the bedroom, wall art placement doesn't come with specific rules. You can place wall art anywhere in your bedroom, but there are two spots you should definitely prioritize when hanging your wall art.

Above the Bed

Everyone prefers to hang wall art over their bed, and for good reason—it works! For instance, large bedroom wall décor always looks excellent above the headboard. To draw attention to the interior's dominant accent, make sure to place it in the center.

Across From the Bed

If Feng Shui is something you're concerned with, you should know that putting a picture that inspires you across from your bed is a good idea according to Feng Shui principles. What's more, you can apply Feng Shui to all aspects of your furnishings and décor, including placing your bedroom rug according to Feng Shui.

Considerations When Choosing Wall Art for the Master Bedroom

Let's quickly review the considerations you should make while choosing wall art for your bedroom.

Color Is Key

Working with your ideal or current color scheme will ensure your large bedroom wall décor makes a statement, whether you opt to contrast or complement your space. If you're wondering whether your carpet has to match your wall art, consider how it fits into your color palette.

If the majority of your décor's hues are bland, choose vibrant wall art with rich hues and patterns for an eye-catching effect. On the other hand, select pieces with a more muted aesthetic, such as black, white, and neutral colors, for an art-themed room where color and texture have already been weaved in.

Size Matters

The size of the art in relation to the wall and items in your bedroom is just as important as the size of a rug.

Although large bedroom wall décor can be the statement your room was missing, something will feel amiss if the size isn’t right. An art-themed room that's too small or large may appear unfinished or a little crowded.

» Didn't find what you're looking for? Browse more choices from our wall art collections and choose the right piece to harmonize your bedroom.