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Dive into a world of color
that's as vibrant as it is daring.
Our latest collection is a celebration
of innovation and creativity,
curated to breathe life into your space
with hues that radiate warmth and charm.

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Customise Your Vision

Create a mat that is made by specific dimensions to perfectly fit your needs


Our product values


With profound appreciation to the many generations and cultures that created handmade designs in natural materials ,our designs are an ode to their artistry.


All our products are thoughtfully created, made from the finest materials, printed in high quality UV digital print to assure a one of a kind, long lasting experience.


We acknowledge the challenges that comes with modern day lifestyle and are in an ongoing quest to ease your everyday tasks. Modern needs, modular spaces, constant change calls for products that are beautiful, practical and made to serve you for years to come.

One Rug = One Tree

Reuse, Recycle, Re-forest. Join our effort of doing better together Environmental and Social responsibility means investing in what’s important – Ongoing commitment to help create healthy living spaces with respect to our natural resources.

Kami Fresco

The fresco, the fresh painting on the wet plaster of antiquity, becomes in our digital hands an expression of an ancient, wabi sabi presence and expresses our love for what shows the signs of time.

Black & White

The always right Black and white. Classic, bold, breathtaking.