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10 Stylish Rugs That Add Flair & Cohesiveness to Modern Dining Rooms

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Updated March 2, 2023.

A modern dining room with a black and white triangle-patterned rug under the table with a dog sitting on it

Having rugs in your dining room space doesn't mean they have to serve only a practical purpose. Stylish, modern rugs with vintage, eclectic, or bohemian designs can help tie a room together, especially when combined with tasteful table runners or decorative dining room wall art. Once you have an idea of what you want the room to look like, these rugs are sure to bring a stylistic cohesiveness to your dining space. Allow your rugs to tie in with any other modern décor elements to create an overall theme or feel.

These 10 rugs from Beija Flor are excellent choices to help you style and design a contemporary dining room.

1. Flor De Lis Classic

A colorful patterned rug under a vintage dining room table

The Flor De Lis Classic rug is just that—timeless and sophisticated, and a firm favorite as one of Beija Flor's first rugs. The unique floral design has a positively regal feel that appeals to those looking for timeless beauty but with a contemporary approach. The color combination of gold, tan brown, and beige means this rug will work superbly in a room with lighter, rustic tones to create a more earthy look. This rug will bring a modern and cohesive touch to your dining room while also livening up hardwood floors, breaking up the solid brown, and adding dynamism to the space.

» Bring an elegant feel with Flor De Lis Classic Rug

2. Freyja Antique Sisterhood

A patterned rug in brown and beige tones under a dining room table

If you're on the hunt for a rug that lends the fresh concept of ancient overlapping tiles with a twist of modernity, the Freyja Antique Sisterhood rug is the one for you! This rug works amazingly in a space inspired by Mediterranean simplicity, with softer tones reminiscent of the Amalfi coast. Rugs that combine different patterns such as this one can be a wonderful way to pull together your room design while adding movement and energy to your dining room. They're also great for disguising stains and everyday wear and tear.

» Introduce dynamic movement with Freyja Antique Sisterhood Rug

3. Barcelona Meadow

Intricately patterned rug in green and neutral tones

This area rug will very quickly charm your visitors with its unique vibrant patterns. It brings in fresh and calming pastoral tones, perfect for a charming vintage farmhouse kitchen design. Reminiscent of serene blue skies over a summer meadow, this Bohemian-inspired rug can work in any space, be it traditional, modern, or eclectic. What's more, having a stain-resistant rug like this one is a great choice for a space that's busy with a lot of foot traffic. This rug can also work very well with metallics or soft neutral tones to create a stylish contemporary dining room.

» Create a pastoral look with Barcelona Meadow Rug

4. Gothic Concrete Black & White

Gothic Concrete Black & White by Beija Flor

With contrasting black and light tones, this rug will help elevate any space and create a striking harmony in a neutral room. Combining black and white is a timeless design approach, so you just can't go wrong with this popular theme. The Gothic Concrete Black & White rug is a visually appealing rug that can create a strong contrast with brightly colored walls (think fuschia or vibrant green) or toned-down greys. Even though it will be placed under your dining room table, it will still serve as a strong focal point. Plus, it's great for hiding stains and protecting the floor under the table.

» Go classic with Gothic Black & White Rug

5. Bohemian Garden Gold

A patterned rug in gold and red tones under a dining room table

Eclectic, free-spirited, rhythmic, and chic—these are just a few words to describe what the Boho style is all about. Bohemian-inspired designs incorporate natural textures and earthy colors, with a fun mix of different patterns. The Bohemian Garden Gold rug is a delightfully floral design with rich reds and yellows, giving us medieval tapestry vibes with a modern twist. This means that this rug works great in contemporary dining rooms with a bit of an artistic spirit!

» Add an artsy flair with Bohemian Garden Gold rug

6. Armenian Eclectic Amber Concrete

A patterned rug in blue, grey, and brown under a dining room table next to a fireplace

Your dining area doesn't have to be tied to the indoors—with summer freedom in mind, why not consider placing the Armenian Eclectic Amber Concrete rug to mimic an alfresco setting or a rich Persian style? This gorgeous rug introduces the craft of rhythmic Armenian ceramics that create a striking contrast or a lovely calm, depending on your décor. Either way, with its calming blues and greens, it brings the feel of the vast outdoors and pairs great with a neutrally decorated space. You can further enhance its effect by accentuating your dining space furnishings with white, black, or grey tones.

» Bring nature inside with Armenian Eclectic Amber Concrete Rug

7. Borgo Black & White Antique

Borgo Black & White Antique by Beija Flor

The combination of black and white looks great both on white-painted and dark, dramatic mahogany floorboards. Monochromatic designs are always very striking and make strong decorative statements. If your dining room is in an open plan space, using a rug such as Borgo Black & White Antique will help create zones and define specific areas. Its modern geometric shapes will create a crisp contrast, effortlessly filling the space with a unique contemporary feel.

» Create a striking effect with Borgo Black & White Antique Rug

8. Eclectic Natural

Boho style rug with subdued tones

With a light and earthy color palette, the Eclectic Natural rug exudes simplicity. To create a warm, cozy balance, you can go vibrant with the rest of your dining room décor while letting this rustic piece bring a grounding, natural feel. The greige tones with subtle green and grey undertones will flawlessly blend in with your light dining room area, bringing in a sense of comfort while you dig into your favorite meal. To finish off a sophisticated, delicate look, choose antique or matte metalware as your table décor.

» Add a delicate touch with Eclectic Natural Rug

9. Lagertha Antique Sisterhood

Lagertha Antique Sisterhood by Beija Flor

If you're looking to go large, the Lagertha Antique Sisterhood rug is your best bet for adding a modern touch to open floor plan spaces or cozier dining nooks that require a boost of multiple designs, shapes, and borders. The richly antique feel will warm up the area while tying in your surrounding furniture. This stylish rug is perfect for layering or overlapping with a solid rug that matches its palette of chocolate brown and the creamiest creams, with a dash of sophisticated gold.

» Create a bold look with Lagertha Antique Sisterhood Rug

10. Royal Indigo Classic

Royal Indigo Classic by Beija Flor

The Royal Indigo Classic rug is another design that will bring your dining room décor to a whole new level. The deeply rich midnight blue and indigo palette can be paired with a similarly-toned table runner for the full effect. White walls and leafy green plants will beautifully complement these poetically oceanic blues. As a final touch, choose white tableware and gold cutlery for a modern formal dinner affair.

» Introduce a regal touch with Royal Indigo Classic Rug

Tie in Your Modern Dining Room With a Stylish Rug

Any of the rugs on our list will bring in a stylish note to your modern dining room while serving as a striking focus-pulling piece. However, remember that your dining room rug placement is an important design element for creating a cohesive look, as well as knowing the right dining room rug size that will help achieve the effect you're going for. Whatever you opt for, the rugs on our list will help you visualize a design you'll be happy with for years to come.

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