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Spice Up Your Living Room With the Best Wall Art

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By Deseré Davis
Kirsty Macdougall - Editor for Beija Flor
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Published July 22, 2022.

Black and white wall art hanging in living room

Making your house feel like a home takes a lot of time and consideration as you figure out how to decorate it, fill empty spaces, and put your mark on the walls. That's why it's easy to get carried away and decorate all rooms the same way.

Each room should have its own identity, especially when it comes to wall art, because it has such a great impact on your space. The wall hangings in your living room and dining room shouldn't both be oil paintings of the streets of Paris, for example.

Should Wall Art Be the Focal Point of the Living Room?

You can absolutely make wall art the focal point of your living room. A focal point is wherever people's eyes land first when they enter a space, and beautiful wall art makes for a fantastic focal point in the living room.

If you have a fireplace, you may not be able to make the wall art the focal point because fireplaces tend to steal the show. Still, well-chosen wall art conjures attention, so it shouldn't compete with architectural features.

What Kind of Wall Art Should Go in the Living Room?

There isn't a specific kind of wall art you have to choose—go with whatever feels right to you and complements your current style and decorative theme. The art you put in your living space should reflect your and your family's personalities. It shouldn't feel foreign or out of place, so always choose art that represents you.

This may sound like a very complicated approach, but once you're at marketplaces or galleries or browsing online for wall art, you'll understand how it feels to find a piece that truly speaks to your heart and soul.

How to Choose Wall Art for the Living Room

Understanding what kind of wall art you like and want to put in your living room is only part of the journey. There are several other factors to keep in mind as well.

Here are a few considerations and tips on how to choose wall art for your living room:

Size Matters

The size of the wall art is important—the space where you put it influences how good it looks. For example, large wall art might look out of place in a bathroom but works well in the living room.

Measure the space you have for wall art, and don't forget to consider the height of the ceiling. It would be dreadful if you found the perfect artwork only to find that it doesn't fit in your living room. If you want to place small pieces of wall art, make sure you have more than one, or the empty space on the wall will feel even emptier.

Be Aware of Your Space Limits

You should also factor in whether you have an open concept living room, the angle of the walls, window placement and area rug placement, and seating arrangement. This will have an impact on which walls you should hang your artwork.

Keep in Mind Your Living Room's Design Style

You should maintain the style and theme you've already selected for your living room. Avoid choosing wall art that clashes with your other design and décor choices, like primary and accent colors, rugs, and accessories.

For example, hanging pop art wouldn't make much sense if you have a nautical-inspired living room.

A few more dos and don'ts to keep in mind include:


  • Focus on the existing palette
  • Opt for timeless pieces rather than what's trending
  • Choose art that you actually like, not just what best suits the room


  • Forget the mood you want to create
  • Be scared to move out of your comfort zone
  • Blow your budget. Original artwork often comes with a hefty price tag

Matching Wall Art With Your Living Room

Your choice of artwork doesn't need to match your décor and color scheme perfectly. For example, if you have a black rug under your coffee table, you don't necessarily have to limit yourself to dominantly black art. Instead, find something that complements it, like whites and grays.

On the other hand, you also don't want to go for an entirely mismatched style unless you're trying to achieve a very eclectic look. So, it's best to harmonize your living room with your wall hangings.