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4 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Rug Color to Compliment Any Room

Kelli Harris - Writer for Beija Flor
By Kelli Harris
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published February 9, 2023.

Boho-style rug with subdued tones under a dining room table

Rugs can instantly change an entire room's look, and with the right rug color and design, you've got an opportunity to inject some personality and style into your space. However, it's not always easy to envision how a rug of a certain color will look in the room you're choosing it for.

The good news is that with some interior design know-how, the process of choosing the correct shade and hue of your rug is a lot easier. We bring you four tips on how to choose the perfect rug color to brighten up a neutral space, consolidate your color scheme, and compliment any room.

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1. Match Your Rug Color With Your Interior Design

Blooming Blush Green Round rug

A common mistake when it comes to decorating a room is overlooking the rug and concentrating on the furnishings and the walls. However, rugs are a critical aspect of the overall aesthetic of the room that can make or break your décor. If the rug harmoniously integrates with your furniture and other décor elements in your space like living room wall art, it will give your interior design a polished, unified look.

To match the rug color to your interior design, consider the existing color scheme of the room. If it has a well-defined color palette, we recommend going for a rug in a similar shade. This design choice will complement the current décor and bring the room together seamlessly. If your room contains both muted and vivid hues, try a rug that includes those tones to achieve a more balanced space.

2. Choose Light Colored Rugs for Small Rooms

Tile pattern rug

Rugs in earthy and natural hues like sand, beige, light grey, or white complement rooms of all sizes, but they work especially well in small rooms because they impart a spacious and bright feeling. What's more, we find them highly adaptable. Whether you're going for a more traditional design or an industrial theme, you'll find that light-colored rugs will easily blend into your aesthetic.

Soft-toned and muted rugs work well in rooms with bright walls, curtains, or furniture to provide an equilibrium to the overall look. On the other hand, they'll also bring a touch of refinement to spaces with fewer décor elements that don't receive much foot traffic, making them the perfect choice for a small bedroom. Finally, light-colored rugs are especially suitable for rooms with limited natural light because their softer tones can illuminate the room and make it feel more welcoming.

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3. Place Dark Colored Area Rugs in the Bedroom

Patchwork rug with with red accents in front of a bed

You can't go wrong with deep, rich colors like burgundy, navy, and shades of black if you want to give your bedroom a cozy, cocoon-like feel. These colors are timeless and work with almost any style. On top of their aesthetic appeal, darker colors like burgundy and black promote relaxation and a soothing, sleep-friendly environment. Burgundy also creates a comforting atmosphere perfect for cozy nights in.

Much like their lighter counterparts, dark rugs are incredibly versatile—you can use them to define specific areas in a large room, such as a reading nook. We suggest adding dark rugs to minimalist rooms to add depth to an otherwise neutral space. They're also our go-to choice for making any room feel luxurious with minimal effort.

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4. Choose Brightly Colored Rugs for a Beige Room

Maimana Red

Predominately beige rooms have an unfortunate reputation as being bland. An easy way to break the monotony is to add liveliness to the room's neutrality by introducing a colorful rug. Brightly colored and patterned rugs provide an eye-catching centerpiece, which is especially useful when defining separate spaces by combining rugs in open-plan layouts.

Rugs in bold colors also affect our emotions. While blue hues are known for their relaxing qualities, red and orange tones can bring a much-needed burst of energy. Bold rugs in bright colors are also a great interior design choice because they:

  • Enhance your space: Brightly colored rugs lend a dash of interest and texture to rooms with dark floors and walls.
  • Add a personal touch: A brightly colored rug can help personalize your space with vibrant hues or understated patterns. Either way, it's an effortless way to put your unique stamp on a space.
  • Bring energy to any room: Colorful and patterned rugs can resuscitate a boring room by giving it a boost of energy without being too overwhelming.

Elevate Any Room With the Right Rug Color

Rugs are one of the most significant décor items for transforming your interior. With their ability to effortlessly add color, style, and texture, they can enhance any room and create a space that reflects your personal style.

Whether you're choosing a rug to place in your living room, under your kitchen table, or in your dining room, you'll be able to choose your rug color more confidently with these tips.

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