5 Ways Vintage Floor Rugs Can Compliment Any Living Space

5 Ways Vintage Floor Rugs Can Compliment Any Living Space

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Updated March 2, 2023.

A living room in light tones with a white couch and a patterned rug in subdued green tones

Putting your unique stamp on your home's interior is a privilege and joy that shouldn't be stressful, expensive, or time-consuming—and it doesn't have to be. Whether you're creating an enticing, warm living room in a Boho style, a bedroom or office that needs an attention-grabbing centerpiece, an atmospheric patio for al-fresco meals, or a sophisticated dining room to impress your friends without costing a fortune, this wide variety of vinyl floor rugs can help make the task significantly easier. Vintage rugs can add flair to any room—see five ways you can use them to get that vintage feel in your living space.

1. Layer It Up

Ways Vintage Floor Rugs Can Compliment Any Space

Layering rugs in your bedroom, living room, or an open floor plan space will create an amazing visual aspect—combining different patterns provides an eclectic and eye-catching talking point. Try something like the Gothic Modu Floor, a richly-patterned vinyl rug in warm clay and black, along with simpler neutrals and monochromes for an impressive look.

The layering of rugs can also be done with the same pattern. With strong lines and striking geometry, these vinyl rugs can easily be cut along lines and put together in your desired formation, whether for an interesting design or to fit into awkward spaces and corners.

» Create the layered effect with Gothic Modu Floor Rug

2. Find a Balance Between Vintage and Modern

Ways Vintage Floor Rugs Can Compliment Any Space

Combining vintage and modern styles can be quite the art, but once achieved, the look pays dividends in its high-end and semi-serious feeling.

Find the perfect balance of vintage and modern with a traditional piece like the Damka Classic Antique, which works beautifully in industrial spaces and with both luxe and simple décor elements. We recommend pairing this rug with metallics, wood accents, cement floors, and dark colors for a moody and truly grown-up feel.

» Combine vintage and modern with Damka Classic Antique Rug

3. Channel Your Inner Boho

A floral patterned rug in subdued green tones on a living floor under a hammock with pillows in front of a shelf with

The Boho style is a popular, contemporary, and easy-to-achieve interior choice, which can often be created in a day or two to turn living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms into cozy and inviting settings.

Vintage vinyl rugs can powerfully elevate any Boho space. Surrounding a design like the Amsterdam Forest Concrete that exudes both floral femininity and strong structure with plants, wall art, warm textures, and plenty of light will instantly provide the desired look, allowing you to individualize your room with ease.

» Express your Boho style with Amsterdam Forest Concrete Rug

4. Take It Outside

Ways Vintage Floor Rugs Can Compliment Any Space

Vinyl rugs offer a multitude of uses, one of these being patio design. With the joy of natural sunlight, fresh air, and lush plants, patios often become favorite spaces to spend time at, instantly boosting your mood. Make the most of these special spaces by decorating them as you would any other room, and you might find that visitors often want to return!

The Gambit Chess Antique Rug is the perfect solution for creating ambiance outside quickly and easily. Add a sense of occasion with this grounding monochrome piece with a strong geometric border while setting yourself up for stylish outside lunches hassle-free. A simple wipe with a cloth or a gentle hose down will clean the party food spills and garden dust build-up right off this durable mat, getting your patio ready to use again in just 5 minutes.

» Give your patio an inviting look with Gambit Chess Antique Rug

5. Introduce Elegance

Ways Vintage Floor Rugs Can Compliment Any Space

One thing we like to remind our customers is that an expensive look doesn't have to actually cost you all that much—there are numerous ways to introduce elegance and sophistication without breaking the bank, from sourcing pre-loved items to incorporating a few large or bold statement pieces into the room.

Using the Freyja Antique Sisterhood rug as a central piece, try designing a bedroom, lounge, dining room, bathroom, or even a patio with a few other affordable but classy-looking items. You'll notice how fast you'll achieve the desired interior by styling your bold rug with classy items.

To mirror the colors of this rug, try splashes of soft pink or dusty oranges, dark greys, blacks, and soft creams. Remember to always add some furnishings with a little texture (think throws, scatter cushions, and wall hangings) to add a sense of luxury.

» Infuse your space with an elegant feel with Freyja Antique Sisterhood Rug

Your Style, Your Way, Quick and Easy

The varied styles and designs of these vintage floor rugs offer décor solutions for an array of tastes and rooms. We hope we've provided a little inspiration, and would love to hear your success stories about creating the home you've always dreamed of using vinyl floor rugs. Whether you're placing a rug on a carpet to create a layered effect, mixing vintage rugs with contemporary designs, or taking your décor pieces outside, these rugs will help you achieve the desired look.

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