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9 Best Rugs to Bring Christmas Cheer Into Your Living Room

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By Marie-Claire de Villiers
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Updated December 14, 2022.

Decorative rug in well-lit living room surrounded by elegant décor

Bring Christmas cheer into your home through décor by choosing a bright-patterned rug to uplift your space. We've chosen this range of 9 of the best rugs to help you bring the holiday spirit into your home.

1. Quilt Kilim Geometric

Intricate geometric patterned rug in a living room

This classical-patterned rug can add spark to a dull corner of your living room and would make a splash-proof surround for under your Christmas tree. It has all the brightness, complexity, and color you need to bring your living room space to life.

» Brighten up your living room with Quilt Kilim Geometric Rug

2. Snow Concrete

Child playing with a doll on a snow-patterned rug

The snowflake pattern of this rug evokes memories of togetherness and wonder during the cold Christmas season. The rug's subtle tones can blend in well with the rest of your Christmas living room, allowing you to dress up the Christmas tree even more.

» Set a winter atmosphere with Snow Concrete Rug

3. Kilim Colorful


This rug's colors and classically-faded look can add a sense of warmth to your living room. The rich pattern based on handwoven oriental rugs of the past gives it a traditional, family feel perfect for Christmas with your loved ones. Rather than grand, this rug is homey, giving your guests a warm reception.

» Add a pop of color with Kilim Colorful Rug

4. Noel Creystal Concrete

Snow-patterned rug under a dinner table decorated for Christmas

With a pale blue and an interconnected flowing pattern reminiscent of snowflakes, this rug shows artistry and brings a bit of grandeur to your living room. What better way to add the grand spirit of Christmas than showing off this rug?

» Give your space a regal look with Noel Creystal Concrete Rug

5. Eclectic Blue

Blue and grey rug with mixed patterns on a living room floor

Reflecting the interrelated cultures of our world with sturdy patterns and formal shapes, this rug brings a pleasing effect with its highly decorative grey-blue coloring. Put it in your living room where it can charm your guests and complement your Christmas decorations.

» Bring a snowy blue charm with Eclectic Blue Rug

6. Bohemian Garden Gold

Intricately patterned boho-style rug under a festive dining table

This rug offers a small floral pattern over a warm yellow background to bring some cheer into the room. With its color and gentle patterns, it creates an eye-catching base and uplifting mood. Add harmony and warmth to your living room at Christmas time by laying down the Bohemian Garden Gold rug.

» Set an inviting tone with Bohemian Garden Gold Rug

7. Bohemian Garden

Bohemian-style patterned rug on the floor of a living room decorated for Christmas

Another variety of the Bohemian pattern, this time on a luxurious white rug, gives a classy feel to your Christmas living room. Beautifully evoking a special occasion, this rug will make it hard for your guests to look at anything else!

» Signify a special occasion with Bohemian Garden Rug

8. Borgo Bordeaux Antique

Red and white triangle-patterned rug under a living room chair and a Christmas tree

The rich earthy red of this geometric pattern and its weathered effect lend gravity to your space, keeping Christmas in place—at home. When in doubt, red at Christmas time is always a winner, so you can't go wrong by choosing this classic small rug!

» Add a retro spirit with Borgo Bordeaux Antique Rug

9. Eclectic Bordeaux

Intricately patterned rug under scatter cushions, a laptop and notebooks

This rug's colors, patterns, and festive tones of different intensity create a party feel for everybody, allowing you to mark the cheery Christmas spirit in your home. With this rug as an example of bringing different styles together, your Christmas living room will help everyone feel at home.

» Enhance the cheery ambiance with Eclectic Bordeaux Rug

Bring Christmas Cheer Into Your Living Room With the Right Rug

By adding a new rug into your living room Christmas décor, you can create a mood, set a scene, and add inviting colors to put your guests at ease. While some patterns are more dominant, others work as plainer foundations of color, on which you can stage an eye-catching Christmas tree or dress up a Christmas dinner table.

» Didn't find what you were looking for? Visit our website for more rugs to add seasonal warmth and Christmas spirit into your living room décor.