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7 Geometric Pattern Rugs to Add Dimension to Any Room

Photo of Marie-Claire de Villiers
By Marie-Claire de Villiers
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Updated December 1, 2022.

Long geometric pattern rug in a kitchen, placed between the counter and kitchen island

Geometric pattern rugs can be transformative in a space—providing energy, interest, and functionality through their eccentric colors, charismatic patterns, and bold textures.

These works of art can be used as central pieces where the décor is styled around a bold rug, or they can easily complement already-decorated spaces.

1. Amsterdam Classic Concrete Rug

Wooden bench with throws standing on a concrete patterned rug

This strong geometric design brings beautiful eggshell blues, rusts, and burnt oranges into a space. The pattern is framed and backed by concrete grey, making this the perfect addition to a modern grey-hued or neutral-colored room. This rug design is a great option for dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

» Set a colorful atmosphere with Amsterdam Classic Concrete Rug

2. Bauhaus Modu Floor Rug

Intricate monochrome patterned rug in a kitchen

The Bauhaus Modu Floor is a chic modern design that works superbly in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. The monochrome pattern provides a great base for nearly any style, but works particularly well in minimalist and mid-century looks, creating a chic and bold atmosphere. Add pops of color to your surrounding décor or max out a black-and-white impact.

This rug design comes in a multitude of sizes and self-sufficient rolls and can be cut along the geometric line—making them expandable and adjustable, thereby offering endless possibilities for low-maintenance, tailored interiors.

» Go for modern chic with Bauhaus Modu Floor Rug

3. Barcelona Light Blue Rug

Blankets draped over intricately pastterned rug

The Barcelona Light Blue is a graceful, elegant piece in soothing greys, taupes, and pale yellows. Adding this charm into a dining room, lounge, kitchen, hallway, or even a bedroom will instantly elevate the value of your home and calm the atmosphere with its satisfying symmetry and subdued tones.

» Add a soft element with Barcelona Light Blue Rug

4. Borgo Black & White Antique Rug

Black and White pattern contemporary vinyl rug

Simple, strong, and effective, this rug gives the impression of high-end tiles without the cost and hassle. This quintessential base lays the ultimate groundwork for your creativity to take over in smaller pieces. Perfect for hallways, landings, kitchens, bathrooms, and more, the Borgo Black and White Antique is a wonderful investment that will carry you through numerous house moves and style changes. The Antique look adds an extra timeless appeal.

» Create a high-end feel with Borgo Black & White Antique Rug

5. Damka Classic Antique Rug

Striking geometric black and white vinyl rug

The Damka Classic Antique is a wonderful rug design often chosen by homeowners wanting to add a graceful, classy touch to their spaces. Combining a simple monochrome inner pattern with a Persian flower border, this piece adds interest to the room without overwhelming the eye—allowing for a level of freedom in the other interior décor. This may also serve as an inspiration for developing the style further. Complement with Perian or other exotic, oriental, or eastern travel pieces to emanate a sense of grandiosity and adventure.

» Give your home a classy touch with Damka Classic Antique Rug

6. Mexico Modu Floor Rug

Mexico Modu Lifestyle

The bright, eye-catching patterns and colors of the Mexico Modu Floor make it an ideal partner for patios, kitchens, and dining rooms. Bring joy into your celebration spaces with this honey-golden-infused design—an instant reminder to chat up a storm with your friends, get out that tequila, and let your hair down. Complete the festive Mexican look with collections of cacti and succulents, dashes of green or red texture, or warm clay and pottery pieces.

» Add an eye-catching detail with Mexico Modu Floor Rug

7. Quilt Kilim Geometric Rug

Quilt Kilim Geometric

The ultimate Boho rug, this design creates warmth and playfulness in a second with its multi-element look. Inspired by cultures from around the world and original handwoven patterns, this rug is an enthralling conversation starter that can easily function as a central piece of décor from which to build. Fantastic for creating gorgeously eclectic lounges, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

» Add a pop of color with Quilt Kilim Geometric Rug

Rugs for Any Reason

No matter your taste, a geometric design can fit, uplift, or even begin your room decoration journey. From unusual, captivating cultural artworks to calming, symmetrical pieces, we'd like to offer you a convenient, durable, and breathtaking way to uplift your home.

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