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How to Design the Perfect Tile Rug to Elevate Any Room

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Updated November 16, 2022.

Aesthetic tile rug placed under bed with color-matching bedding

Tile rugs are a fantastic way to bring interest to a room without the need for cleaning that traditional rugs call for. As the name suggests, tile rugs are rugs in the form of tiles. They're decorative and can enhance the way a room looks, but you don’t have to constantly clean them or worry about wear and tear.

These creative rugs are mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens but can look amazing in any room if planned well.

How to Design a Tile Rug for Any Room

It can seem tricky to decide what kind of designs and sizes tile rugs need to be for specific rooms. The most important thing to remember is that tile rugs can be approached similarly to normal rugs.

  • Plan the pattern Consider the basic idea of the tile pattern you want to create before you start laying out your tiles. If you're doing this for the first time, you should keep things simple. You can experiment with colors and tiles once you’re used to working with tile rugs.
  • Keep the size and shape of the tiles similar For your first tile rug, keep the tiles the same size and shape, regardless of which room you’re going to place it in.
  • Test the pattern Lay the tiles on a large surface to visualize how the pattern will look. Avoid frustration and regret by trying out different designs before committing them to the floor. It’s a good idea to mark or label your tiles to prevent confusion.
  • Leave space for grout Remember that you have to keep gaps between your tiles for grout—typically about an eighth of an inch. This may be a bit less or a bit more, depending on the kind of tiles you use.
  • Measure the tile rug Once you’ve laid out your tiles, measure your tile rug to determine its width and length. Ensure the final size of the tile rug works with the area in the room.
  • Consider the placement in the room It’s best to place your tile rug at the center of the room, but you can also put it in front of an entryway, a cabinet, or kitchen sink, or in a hallway.

How to Pair Your Tile Rug With Your Floor Design

Pairing your tile rug and the floor is mostly based on your personal taste and preferences. Be creative and use different colors and tile types to achieve interesting looks. For example, use black and white marble to create a contrasting, bold rug by making the inside of the tile rug white and the border black. However, always keep the intended purpose of your space in mind and use it as a guide for colors and designs.

There are certain types of floors that don't support tile rugs such as wooden floors and concrete floors. Not only will it be difficult to install tile rugs in wooden floors, but it won’t look good either. You could use tile rugs with concrete floors, but it won’t look as good as with tile flooring.

How to Tell if Your Tile Rug Will Work Before Integrating It

There are so many tile options to choose from that it can be difficult to know which ones will work well in your home. To determine the best options, you’re going to have to do a bit of planning.

Consider the colors and designs you want, then think about the room itself. What is the number, shape, size, and color of the furniture in the room? What wall art and accessories are in the room? How durable will the tiles need to be? Does the room have a lot of traffic? Will the tiles need to be cleaned often? This will determine what kind of tiles you should use.

For example, porcelain tiles are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because they absorb less water and are more stain-resistant.

Give Your Home a Fresh Flair With Tile Rugs

If you're looking to spice up your space without the hassle of renovations, tile rugs may be just what you need. Emanating class and chic, these rugs will help you effortlessly refresh your space and give it a timeless, stylish feel.

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