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12 Anti-Stain Rugs for in Front of Kitchen Sink

Rugs in front of the kitchen sink can look good and offer comfort if you spend lots of time in the kitchen. Here are our 12 vinyl kitchen rug choices.

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Updated February 3, 2023.

A Bauhaus-style patterned black and white rug on a kitchen floor in front of the sink

Vinyl kitchen rugs are increasingly popular these days, and for good reason—they stand up to the demands of kitchen life.

Vinyl kitchen rugs are made from durable materials that are water-resistant, stain-proof, and easy to clean. As far as comfort goes, these rugs provide extra cushioning underfoot, which can make domestic chores all the more bearable! If you're looking to place a vinyl kitchen mat in front of the sink, consider our 12 picks for practical yet stylish options to get the job done.

1. Best Classy Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Rug for a Chic Look

Gold and black vinyl kitchen rug

Inspired by the Modernist movement, the Bauhaus Gold vinyl kitchen rugs feature clean lines and simple forms. Their geometric shapes create an elegant, minimalist aesthetic.

With a multitude of sizes and self-sufficient rolls, this rug design is expandable and adjustable, making it an ideal choice for low-maintenance, tailor-made interiors.

» Create a minimalist aesthetic with Bauhaus Gold Rug

2. Best Patterned Washable Kitchen Rug for a Dramatic Feel

Bauhaus Black Antique vinyl kitchen rug

If you're looking for a black and white rug with a dramatic look to place in front of your kitchen sink, this Bauhaus-inspired option is perfect for any contemporary or traditional space. This ideal rug to put in front of your kitchen sink is also adjustable in terms of size, so you'll have no problem tailoring it to your needs.

» Customize your kitchen flooring with Bauhaus Black Antique Rug

3. Best Patterned Washable Runner Rug for a Kitchen Focal Point

Gothic Silver Concrete vinyl kitchen rug

This stylish vinyl kitchen rug features the iconic Gothic architectural pattern in a dynamic black-and-white palette. If you're looking for a statement focal point, this is it! As with all of our rugs, Gothic Silver is available in longer lengths if you're specifically looking for runners for the kitchen sink area.

» Make a statement with Gothic Silver Concrete Rug

4. Best Modern Washable Kitchen Rug for Adding Character

Aziz Floor Art vinyl kitchen rug

Any kitchen will benefit from the character and individuality of this street art-inspired rug made in collaboration with Pipeled, a modern artist working internationally. Apart from giving your kitchen an artistic feel, these hard-wearing rugs for kitchen spaces will prove functional as well, as they're very easy to clean and maintain.

» Bring a modern artistic feel with Aziz Floor Art Rug

5. Best Red Easy-to-Clean Rug for a Royal Kitchen

Striking red vinyl rug with floral pattern

From Versailles to your kitchen floor! The regal Flor De Lis flower motif is displayed across the center of this lovely red vinyl kitchen rug that also features a pretty, patterned border. In addition to its use as a functional floor covering, it also serves as an aesthetic element for your kitchen area.

» Give your kitchen a regal look with Flor De Lis Red Rug

6. Best Black and White Washable Rug for a Classy Kitchen

Sofi Classic

With its traditional patterns, the Sofi Classic vinyl area rug will lend old-world elegance to any kitchen floor. It's impossible to go wrong with black and white, and this rug's minimalist colors will pair well with your existing décor.

» Incorporate old-world elegance with Sofi Classic Rug

7. Best White Washable Rug for a Luxurious Kitchen

Carrara vinyl kitchen rug

Marble floors may be the height of opulence and out of reach for many, but as they say—if you can't have it, fake it! The Carrara vinyl kitchen rug features a light tone and a gorgeous marble pattern designed to match a variety of different types of interior design.

» Create an air of opulence with Carrara Rug

8. Best Bold Washable Kitchen Rug for Adding Modern Flair

Concrete Rough Vinyl Kitchen Rug

The modern, distressed-concrete look of the Concrete Rough vinyl kitchen rug will instantly upgrade your kitchen, giving it a raw, contemporary feel. What's more, the Concrete Rough rug is low-maintenance and super easy to clean!

» Give your kitchen a modern look with Concrete Rough Rug

9. Best Washable Boho Rug for an Inviting Kitchen

Native Natural Rug

These woven vinyl runners for the kitchen sink area will add texture and warmth to your interior. The flatwoven Native Natural rug has a thin profile, making it durable and easy to clean, while the rug's colorful pattern will put a fresh spin on your kitchen décor.

» Brighten up your kitchen with Native Natural Rug

10. Best Washable Oriental Rug for a Kitchen With Style

Jaipur Black

The Jaipur Black vinyl kitchen rug will bring a hint of the exotic to your home, showcasing traditional oriental patterns in a neutral color palette. Like all of our rugs, Jaipur is made of synthetic fiber that won’t absorb spills, making it a great choice for the kitchen area.

» Add an exotic element with Jaipur Black Rug

11. Best Pink Washable Rug for a Kitchen Statement Piece

Zsa Zsa Rug

Inspired by the iconic St James Park in London, the Zsa Zsa vinyl kitchen rug collection has a definite art deco feel about it. This rug's soft pinks and browns balance the bold geometric patterns, creating an inviting look, while the ostrich prints give it a fabulous element. Absolutely gorgeous!

» Make your kitchen fabulous with Zsa Zsa Multi Rug

12. Best Red Washable Rug for a Cozy Kitchen

Intricately patterned Persian rug in dark red and black tones

In shades of red, saffron, and orange, Persian rugs are renowned for adding spice to any interior. Enhance your kitchen with the timeless appeal and rich heritage of oriental carpets by using Persian vinyl rugs and runners. The Persian Dark rug comes in a variety of sizes, and it's made from hard-wearing materials, so you can rest assured it will be a good fit for the kitchen area.

» Spice up your kitchen area with Persian Dark Rug

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rug for Your Kitchen Sink

When it comes to your kitchen flooring, choosing a functional rug for the area in front of your sink may be even more important than placing a rug under your kitchen table. When shopping for a kitchen rug to place in front of your sink, there are a few important considerations:

  • Does the size and shape of the rug fit the space well?
  • Is it hard-wearing and durable?
  • Does it have a non-slip backing?
  • Is it water- and stain-resistant?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Does it feel comfortable underfoot?

The vinyl kitchen rugs on our list check all these boxes, so you can rest assured you've found the right fit by choosing the one you prefer.

» Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our website for more vinyl kitchen rugs to make the area in front of your kitchen sink more stylish and comfortable.