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7 Spill-Friendly Washable Rugs for Easy Interior Upkeep

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By Natasha Johnson
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
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Published January 14, 2023.

A little girl standing next to the kitchen sink on a black patterned rug

We all have certain spaces in our homes that tend to be busier, high-traffic areas. With people coming in and out with dirty shoes, pets running around after a roll in the mud, or our kids making messes while playing, interior upkeep can get difficult for anyone.

To protect the busy areas of your home, you'll need durable rugs that are easy to clean and maintain, spill-friendly, easily washable, and will protect your floor from damage. Hallways are especially suitable for easy-to-clean rugs, and so is your kitchen sink area that's bound to suffer some spillage. What's more, these rugs will add character to your interior, so they're both a simple and attractive solution for these busy spaces.

To help you protect your floors from the rigors of daily life, we've put together a list of our 7 spill-friendly and washable rug choices that will work wonders for your interior upkeep.

7 Easy-to-Clean Rugs for Simple Maintenance

1. Best Stain-Proof Rug for a Harmonious Space

A flower-patterned rug in mint green and soft pink tones on the floor in front of a bed

With its soft pastel mint with dainty off-white flower design and strong framed border, our Almond Mint rug evokes pure delight and lightness. Its distressed look will add a distinct vintage touch to any room you put it in. For a truly harmonious effect, we recommend pairing this rug with light walls with flashes of greenery. As it's made of vinyl, this excellent fuss-free rug can withstand the constant busyness of the dining or living room area. You can simply wash this rug with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry, although you should stay away from any products that contain acid, bleach or chlorine.

» Create a serene space with Almond Mint Rug

2. Best Washable Bathroom Rug for Adding Flair

Cow Hide Tiger Lily Rug by Beija Flor

Our Cow Hide Tiger Lily rug is a versatile accent piece that will work in any space, adding flair without being overpowering. It will infuse your space with a rustic, warm country-chic look. The organic shape of the cow hide is perfect for a larger bathroom, serving as a unique centerpiece. To maximize the stylish look, we suggest you pair it with a down-to-earth and clean palette. The cow hide will fit beautifully with lighter colors or shades of cream, beige, or white. As for its practicality, the rug is super easy to clean and maintain, and it offers excellent protection against potential bacteria.

» Bring a country charm with Cow Hide Tiger Lily Rug

3. Best Washable Entryway Rug for a Stylish Hallway

A patterned entryway rug in earthy tones seen through an open front door next to a wooden bench with plants

Our Gothic – Modu Floor rug is an incredible geometric self-sufficient rug that comes in rolls of two different widths, which means you can cut your rug to the length of your choice, making your possibilities endless! This rug is easy-to-clean, low maintenance, and will fit in just about any space. As it's made from durable and hard-wearing vinyl that can withstand daily movement, the Gothic rug can work great as a hallway runner, as this is a high-traffic area with people passing through often. To capitalize on this stylish entryway rug solution, we recommend keeping the rest of your décor simple—tall white planters with pretty green plants will match these patterned rugs. What's more, some terracotta pots can create an easy earthy look.

» Infuse your entryway with style with Gothic – Modu Floor Rug

4. Best Black and White Washable Rug for an Edgy Vibe

Jaipur Black by Beija Flor

A tight pattern as seen in our Jaipur Black rug is perfect for both a light and neutral space and one with more dramatic tones. The black and cream geometric patterns would make a very striking accent in your busy home office, especially alongside deep gray curtains, bamboo furniture, and subdued green walls. Like the rest of our vinyl rugs, the Jaipur Black is so easy to clean! For quick cleaning, just mix 1 liter of apple cider vinegar with about 3 liters of water—this simple solution can remove all sorts of stains. A second bucket of hot clean water will rinse the vinegar off, leaving your vinyl floors clean and shiny.

» Keep your home office clean with Jaipur Black Rug

5. Best Washable Nursery Rug for a Cozy Play Area

Persian Rita Powder Rug

If you love an eclectic pattern design, our embroidered Persian Rita Powder Rug is the perfect choice. It has a delicate texture with an antique-style print that will serve as a focal point even in the busiest of areas. If you have an open-plan dining room, this rug will anchor in the dinner table nicely. Alternatively, it can serve as an excellent nursery rug, as it will provide a cozy vibe for your child's play area in addition to the much-needed advantage of being easy to clean and maintain. To create a room that's full of personality, we suggest pairing this patterned rug with solid curtains in a similar color palette.

» Bring a touch of coziness with Persian Rita Powder Rug

6. Best Stain-Resistant Rug for an Elegant Dining Room

Chessboard-patterned rug in black and white under a dining room table

Our Gambit Italiano rug is just the right rug for bringing elegance and easy maintenance to your busy kitchen area or dining room, especially if you love to cook up a storm or if your kids want to help out with dinner. As it's incredibly easy to clean with just water and soap, this rug will protect light or hardwood floors from stains and spills. This classic checkerboard rug custom-developed by Beija Flor is made from safe, durable materials, and can be kept firmly in place by its own weight.

» Add elegance to your dining area with Gambit Italiano Rug

7. Best Washable Boho Rug for Adding Warmth

A rug patterned with fall motifs in brown and white tones under a dining room table

This gorgeous flat-woven rug has a traditional yet modern floral motif that reminds us of autumn. Our Bohemian Garden Fall rug will help set a warm and plush tone with its delicate patterns that will show off your personal style. In addition to providing a refreshing boho vibe, this rug will help define a space in any busy area. To get the most out of it, we recommend placing this rug in your kitchen or under the dining room table, where it will protect the floor from spills while feeling cozy and comfortable underfoot.

» Warm up your space with Bohemian Garden Fall Rug

Simplify Interior Upkeep With the Right Rug

Not only is vinyl an incredibly durable, anti-stain, and scratch-resistant material, but it's also a great option when choosing an easy-to-clean rug for the long term.

When premium vinyl rugs like the ones on this list are carefully looked after, they can last for 10–20 years, which is something to keep in mind while searching for easy-to-clean rugs for under the kitchen table, your hallway, or another busy area in need of simple interior upkeep. The rugs on our list are hassle-free, non-slip, and will lay completely flush against your flooring, blending easily into any room.

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