Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance with Ease

6 Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With Ease

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By Marie-Claire de Villiers
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
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Updated December 1, 2022.

A brown Tatami-style wallpaper on a living room wall with an abstract picture

Decorating your space with wallpaper doesn't have to be a wrestling match or cost a fortune—with Beija Flor's DIY Kami wallpaper, you can singlehandedly change the look of the whole room. Simply choose a pack and follow the instructions to apply each sheet to the wall using its self-adhesive backing—no glue, no brushes, and no drips!

As the sheet size is 40 X 80 cm, these wallpapers are easy to manage on your own. You can even play with the sheets by placing some horizontally and others vertically, combining their patterns and textures in your own creative way.

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper?

What's right depends on your personal taste for the flamboyant, the simply stylish, the classically decorative, or the warm natural fiber look. From floral prints to geometric statements, these suggested wallpapers are all do-it-yourself and easy to apply.

Using the Kami pack of wallpaper, you can create a single accent wall in a room or transform the whole space by giving it a new mood. Once you've settled on the ambiance you're going for, take a look at our wallpaper design options to meet your vision for the space.

1. Poppy Kami Wallpaper

A wall above two bathroom sinks decorated with a spotty wallpaper

If you need to decorate a small space like a bathroom with something stylish and memorable, consider the Poppy Kami Wallpaper. This repeat print of poppy seeds can be displayed vertically or horizontally or laid in mixed panels for an extra exciting look. When used as a bathroom wallpaper, the monochrome print allows you to add colors of your choice to the room with accessories like towels, storage, and display items. It's a modern, idiosyncratic print that looks trendy and special.

» Add a stylish element with Poppy Kami Wallpaper

2. Almond Kami Wallpaper

Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With Ease

The idea of applying your own wallpaper becomes easily doable when using Beija Flor's Kami packs. With this Almond Kami Wallpaper in a gentle blue-grey with a geometric design, you can add a decorative floral background that blends with different styles. It's easy to apply straight onto the wall—simply stick it on and enjoy the cool floral ambiance.

» Set a floral ambiance with Almond Kami Wallpaper

3. White Pallets Kami Wallpaper

Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With Ease

Sometimes, a neutral white wall needs a little texture to give the room a cozier atmosphere. Applying the White Pallets Kami Wallpaper to any room will add a vintage ambiance and sensitive textural effect. With its irregular pattern of wooden pallets, it instantly adds definition, allowing you to dress the space up or down as you please.

» Create a cozy atmosphere with White Pallets Kami Wallpaper

4. Sofi Classic Kami Wallpaper

Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With Ease

If you're going for an eye-catching and textured effect that adds warmth, try the Sofi Classic Kami Wallpaper. It has an irregular black-and-white hand-printed look, which gives a sheltering ambiance. It also creates a statement background for a more modern decorative aesthetic. This wallpaper can be used in a living room, a small room like a study, or even a bedroom. It can also work well as a bathroom wallpaper to make an accent wall.

» Go for a classic look with Sofi Classic Kami Wallpaper

5. Snow Kami Wallpaper

Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With Ease

A peaceful geometric pattern can add structure and decoration to any dull corner. This wallpaper design evokes the peace of snowy fields or the sharp sparkle of a snowflake. If you want your space to feel more lively and defined, use the Snow Kami Wallpaper to add zing to your room. What's more, the hardwearing surface can easily be wiped clean, so this snowy white wallpaper can stay white, even in a busy home.

» Bring a snowy liveliness with Snow Kami Wallpaper

6. Tatami Kami Wallpaper

Simple DIY Wallpaper That Will Change the Ambiance With Ease

The traditional Japanese flooring and wallpaper material Tatami is usually made of rice straw and woven rushes. This Tatami Kami Wallpaper echoes that natural fiber look by offering slightly irregular patterned panels to add texture to your room. With this wallpaper, you can enjoy the Tatami look and enhance the warm ambiance of your space without risking any actual grassy fibers triggering an allergy or getting damp and smelly. It's ideal for a living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom, as it's wipe-clean vinyl.

» Incorporate a natural feel with Tatami Kami Wallpaper

Easily Create the Ambiance You Want With DIY Wallpaper

These Kami wallpaper packs allow you to do exactly what you want with your space. With a range of wallpapers to suit any mood you're going for, you can step up the ambiance of any room by adding some pattern and texture. Most of these wallpaper designs are natural and neutral enough to use as a base for more creative, colorful furnishing of the whole space.

» Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our website for more wall art options to suit any room style.