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7 Best Easy-to-Clean Pet-Friendly Rugs for Cat & Dog Lovers

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By Natasha Johnson
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
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Published January 13, 2023.

A dog sitting on a couch next to a black and white patterned rug

What all pet parents want is for their furry best friends to be as happy and comfortable as possible. As pet owners, we want to do everything we can to keep them cozy in the cold winter months or help them stay laid-back and lazy on those hot summer days.

However, pet owners should also know what the ideal rugs for pet-friendly households are. As our playful fur babies will run through muddy patches and bring in dirt or have shedding fur that will sit on our carpets, durable and hard-wearing rugs that are easy to clean are a must-have for pet owners' homes. Vinyl rugs are the perfect option in this sense, as they'll survive chewing and scratching, they're easy to maintain, and they won't collect fur since they're not piled.

To help you make the perfect rug choice for you and your pet, we've compiled a list of our 7 beautiful vinyl rugs perfect for pet lovers.

7 Best Easy-to-Clean Rugs for Pet Lovers

1. Best Rug for Pet Owners for Easy Maintenance

Black and white chessboard-pattern rug under a dining table with a floral tablecloth

Our Gambit Italiano Antique rug is perfect for your kitchen area, dining room, outside patio, or any other busy area your pets like to lounge and spend their time in. This custom-developed classic checkerboard rug holds great refining qualities, so we're pleased to say it will elevate your home's style in addition to being pet-friendly and easy to maintain. What's more, it's made from safe materials and can be kept firmly in place by its own weight, so you don't have to worry about your pets slipping over it when they get excited!

» Combine style and practicality with Gambit Italiano Antique Rug

2. Best Indoor Dog Rug for a Stylish Look

Bloomin' Marvelous Coral Charm Rug by Beija Flor

For the aesthetically minded pet owner who loves a bold dramatic look, this rug inspired by the iconic St James Park in London features expansive blooms of trailing peonies. Our elegant Bloomin' Marvelous floral rug can bring freshness to any room your pet likes to spend time in. If your pet likes lounging in the dining room, we recommend pairing this rug with simple dining furniture to serve as a focal point. This rug is eco-friendly and made from safe materials, so it's ideal for both young and older pets.

» Add a bold stylish touch with Bloomin’ Marvellous Coral Charm Rug

3. Best High-Traffic Area Rug for a Classy Entryway

Sofi Classic Rug by Beija Flor

Our Sofi Classic rug is a timeless black and white piece that's versatile and works in any space, but we find it especially suitable for a creative entryway rug solution, as this is where our pets pass through on their way to and from their outside adventures. This vinyl rug is durable and fantastically hard-wearing, will protect hardwood floors, and is great for pets running through this high-traffic area.

» Protect high-traffic areas with Sofi Classic Rug

4. Best Cat-Proof Rug for a Harmonious Feel

Amsterdam Forest Concrete by Beija Flor

If you're fond of pretty expressions of harmony and balance reminiscent of the perfect balance in nature, the Amsterdam Forest Concrete rug will fit right in. You can place this rug in your rustic kitchen, patio area, or a quiet and light reading space where your pets enjoy spending time with you. As the rug is phthalate-free, there are no chemicals that could harm pets who love to chew. This rug will withstand the wear and tear of our pets and disguise any scratches, so we believe it's especially suitable for any pet owner with a cat that likes to scratch.

» Add a harmonious touch with Amsterdam Forest Concrete Rug

5. Best Pet-Friendly Runner Rug for a Cozy Play Area

Emilia Natural Rug by Beija Flor

Does your four-legged family friend love to spend time with your little ones? If so, you can place this neutral, hand-crafted rug in the kids' room so they can spend many comfortable hours playing with their furry bestie. Kids will spend much time playing in their room, so creating a safe environment for them and your pet is essential—and our Emilia Natural rug is just the one for the job. And as our kids and pets aren't the tidiest, this rug will resist any spilled food or liquids or scratches and dents.

» Create a cozy play space with Emilia Natural Rug

6. Best Dog Rug for a Comfy Living Room

Inca Natural Rug by Beija Flor

Tradition and heritage meet human (and pet) connection in our Inca Natural rug. This vividly patterned rug sits will sit deliciously in a sun-filled living room or an outside space where your pet likes to rest with their favorite toy or under your feet. For this rug to enhance your living room area, we recommend pairing it with other décor items in soft creams and browns or layering it with a comfy cowhide rug. Since it has no nasty fibers and it's easy to clean, this rug will allow your pet to comfortably spend hours in this cozy space.

» Enhance your pet's comfort with Inca Natural Rug

7. Best Washable Pet Rug for an Elegant Space

Gambit Chess Antique Rug by Beija Flor

The combination of black and white will always serve a bold, elegant look while creating a strong focal point. Our Gambit Chess Antique rug that adheres to this color palette is excellent both for outdoor spaces and breakfast nooks, where your pet is bound to make some mess while eating. However, your rug will stay securely in place, efficiently standing up to paw and foot traffic thanks to the durable quality of premium vinyl. And as it's stain-resistant, you can easily wash off any accidental mess with just water and soap.

» Make your pet-friendly space elegant with Gambit Chess Antique Rug

Create the Perfect Pet-Friendly Space With the Right Rug

Premium vinyl rugs are undoubtedly the best material rugs for your pets. Pet-friendly rugs can save you time, cleaning, maintenance, and money while also looking good in both busy and relaxed areas in your home. And the best part is that you don't have to sacrifice your personal style either, as the rugs on our list come in various attractive designs to suit everyone's preferences.

» Didn't find what you're looking for? Browse our full vinyl rug selection to find the perfect rug for you, your family, and your pets.