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11 Best Table Runners to Revive Your Dining Room

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Updated March 2, 2023.

Black and white runner on dining room table

Using table runners can add emphasis to the dimensions of your dining table, creating symmetry and bringing color and visual interest to the dining area. They accentuate your place settings and decorations and set the scene for fine or relaxed dining. Using vinyl table runners as placemats is also a great time and money-saving option because vinyl is the best fabric for table runners, as it provides an easy-to-clean and long-lasting solution.

11 Best Contemporary Dining Table Runners

  1. Plethora of Colors: Bella Classic Table Runner
  2. Classic Black and White: Flor De Lis Black & White Table Runner
  3. Oriental Tranquility: Mountain Classic Table Runner
  4. Indigo Royalty: Royal Indigo Classic Table Runner
  5. Rustic Nature: Reed Table Runner
  6. Minimalist at Heart: Linen Natural Table Runner
  7. In Touch with Nature: Rattan Natural Table Runner
  8. Country Beige: Rattan Cross Table Runner
  9. Gray-Scale History: Roots Gray Table Runner
  10. Traditional Flare: Tatami Table Runner
  11. Checkered Icon: Damka Table Runner

Vinyl Table Runners As a Display Base

When the table isn't used, the table runner can stay on as a decorative item, adding texture and drawing attention to the table. Formal dining room table runners also serve as a medium to showcase permanent display items on the table, like large vases or candelabras. If you have wall art, make sure it all fits together into a cohesive whole. Make sure to space everything accordingly—look at our recommended dimensions for table runners.

Are Table Runners out of Style?

Dining room table runners have made a big comeback in interior design, allowing hosts to switch up their look in an instant and toy with numerous style ideas. Check out our 11 best table runners to vamp up your dining room.

Beija Flor Table Runners Collection

1. Best Colorful Table Runner for a Playful Dining Room

The gorgeous turquoise tones and palmette motif of this design instantly create a chic, classic look without being boring. The shapes are sometimes compared to a “Hamsa Hand," a traditional symbol for good fortune, good health, happiness, and protection from the Evil Eye that originated before the religions we know today and holds significance in numerous cultures.

2. Best Black and White Table Runner for a Striking Accent

This stunning monochrome pattern represents another great classic option, offering a design that will work well with black and white interiors and colors. Classy and simple, this pick from our best table runners will elevate your dinner table in seconds.

3. Best Oriental Table Runner for Fresh Dining Room Décor

This Eastern-inspired, tight-weave design is both tranquil and mesmerizing. Originally exhibited in straw form, this table runner's Tatami pattern symbolizes simplicity and natural flow. Its sense of delicateness and symmetry will bring out the best in you as you sit down to converse with family and friends over a meal.

4. Best Dark Blue Table Runner for a Regal Dining Room

An indigo table runner with a loose pattern on a wooden table under a plate A stock image of an indigo table runner with a loose pattern
Classic Indigo Royalty
Royal Indigo Classic Table Runner


This sultry midnight blue and indigo vinyl table runner brings structure, depth, and a rich shot of color to any room. A touch of masculinity, solemnity and almost royalty can be felt in this unique design. This is one of the best table runners for dark tables, as it accentuates their opulent feel.

5. Best Rustic Table Runner for a Relaxed Atmosphere

The Reed Table Runner is an inviting, natural-looking vinyl décor piece. With its warm tan tones and rustic feel, this design is one of the best for wooden tables, bringing out their texture beautifully.

6. Best Linen Table Runner for a Minimalist Dining Room

From our exclusive Flatwoven Collection, the Linen Natural Table Runner, based on loom and wool artistry, is an essential piece that blends seamlessly with an array of interior design styles. This neutral, simple vinyl table runner allows for plenty of play with color and pattern in the rest of the room as well as on the table itself, keeping the table functioning as a wonderful base.

7. Best Natural Table Runner for a Down-to-Earth Look

Light, comforting, and natural, this rattan piece borrows from a strong history. Our inviting design begs to be brought to life further with simple décor, striking centerpieces, and splashes of color.

8. Best Beige Table Runner for a Warm Country Vibe

Infuse your dinner table with the old-world charm with this thicker-texture-looking rattan piece. Bringing added warmth, calm, and authenticity to the room, this vinyl table runner is a must-have for neutral, textured spaces.

9. Best Gray Table Runner to Add Ancient Symbolism

A sense of ancient symbology emits from this stony, wall-looking piece in cool grays and charcoals, one of our favorite contemporary table runners. Add pattern and interest to monochrome rooms, and enjoy this table runner’s multifunctionality—it also divides into separate placemats!

10. Best Neutral Table Runner for a Traditional Space

Made initially using igusa straw, this Japanese-inspired design presents a timeless base for your mealtimes. Modesty and supreme value combine in this attractive piece, which can be incorporated into various spaces around the home.

11. Best Checkered Table Runner for a Classic Look

Iconic and eye-catching, the Damka Table Runner momentarily adds sophistication to any table with its strong geometric design and bold border. Due to its timeless design, this is one of the best table runners for neutral, classic-styled interiors.

Revive Your Dining Room With the Perfect Table Runner

The variations, endless options, and multi-functionality of our vinyl table runner designs are endless. These high-quality, long-lasting table runners can be used alone or combined with placemats. To elevate the look even further, place a rug under your dining table and incorporate trivets, bold tableware pieces, or striking cutlery to complete the style.

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