Should a high-quality vinyl rug be able to easily resist scuffing?

Asked 9 months ago

We’re redesigning our dining room area, and I want to place a rug in that space just to anchor the room. You know how they say rugs are like fine art for your floor? I’m a sucker for a gorgeous piece. My only concern this time around is the rug material. I need a quality rug that can resist damage from heavy furniture, heels, and chair legs. I’m thinking of getting a vinyl rug, but a high quality one. It should be durable if it’s quality, right?

Jay Lopez

Thursday, September 22, 2022

A vinyl rug is indeed a good idea if you want a beautiful rug that can endure the elements of daily life. Just be sure that you invest in a vinyl rug with a urethane finish. That way, it is more durable and can survive foot traffic and is also resistant to scuffing.

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