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Collection Review: Amsterdam Concrete Rugs (Dutch-Inspired Décor)

Nicole Day - Writer for Beija Flor
By Nicole Day
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Published October 20, 2022.

Amsterdam Concrete Rugs Review Dutch Inspired Decor

What do the words minimalist, modern, contemporary, and unique have in common? All four work together to form the heart of Dutch design. Dutch décor places importance on symmetry and proportion, and it typically features elegant, curved lines and muted colors to put an emphasis on furniture.

Sideboards, wardrobes, and chairs are carved with scrolls and trees, which are common Dutch motifs, while stone countertops and wrought iron light fixtures are common Dutch elements. Dutch style is more organic and includes large beds and dining tables made from heavy oak with bulbous or spiral legs. Lamp shades and pendants may also be adorned with patterns of swirls, leaves, and stems known as arabesque.

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The Amsterdam Concrete Rug Collection

Amsterdam (Classic Concrete)

Wooden bench with throws standing on a concrete patterned rug

  • Price: €69 – €588 depending on the size.
  • Featured colors: dusty blue, black, chocolate brown, orange, beige, red brick

The neutral tones in this rug tie in perfectly with the Dutch-inspired vision of focusing on a muted color palette. This rug's colors ooze comfort and coziness, making it the perfect addition to a living room. It will add depth to the room because of its geometric patterns, while its colors will create a sense of unity and closeness.

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Amsterdam (Light Blue Concrete)

Amsterdam Light Blue Concrete

  • Price: €69 – €588 depending on the size.
  • Featured colors: steel and dusty blue, charcoal grey, light grey

Subtle blue hues encompass this rug, giving it a calming aura that would suit the bedroom or bathroom. Its light colors allow the room to feel airy and large, while its symmetrical pattern adds proportion and structure—a true sentiment to the Dutch style.

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Amsterdam (Forest Concrete)

Amsterdam Forest Concrete

  • Price: €69 – €588 depending on the size.
  • Featured colors: black, olive green, sage green, crocodile green

This earthy rug uniquely represents the Dutch style by beautifully reflecting nature, a core element of this specific style. This rug would sit perfectly in an evergreen-styled kitchen or living room along with indoor plants. Its geometric patterns are striking, yet passive, emulating the elegant, curved lines found in a natural landscape.

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5 Tips to Achieve a Dutch-Inspired Aesthetic in Your Home

Dutch designer Piet Boon describes the Dutch-inspired aesthetic as "creating a harmonious and effortless environment". You can achieve this with the following steps:

1. Create Dedicated Gathering Spaces

The Dutch are very big on coming together as a family or friends. As such, they dedicate a room to gatherings. To mimic this, try to get one piece of furniture that screams Dutch style and proportion it generously, such as a large dining table. This will ensure it's obvious that the room is for getting together.

2. Maximize the Amount of Natural Light

The Dutch like having as much natural light as possible to make rooms appear larger and airier, thereby connecting to nature. Of course, it can be very expensive to put in new windows, so if you’re on a budget, consider placing mirrors strategically or painting your ceiling with a glossy finish paint that can reflect the light.

3. Stick to a Subdued, Neutral Base Palette

The Dutch love neutral tones, because it helps to create a sense of calm in the home, allowing you to unwind after a long day at work. Hues that are more reserved can also create an illusion that your interior is larger, and make great backdrops for eye-catching art. So, if you’re thinking of giving your home a fresh lick of paint, make sure you choose neutral colors like white, cream, or beige.

4. Add Depth by Using Textured, Natural Materials

Natural materials, such as wood and leather, have a special place in Dutch décor. The rough, rustic look of these earthy elements pairs exceptionally well with soft and cozy textiles, making them even more attractive.

5. Less is More When it Comes to Decorative Items

The Dutch were careful craftsmen—they understood the art of simplicity and leaving things out. While adding personal accessories and beautiful art is encouraged, the key is to find a balance and not overdo it. Personal belongings are great but if there are too many of them in one space, they not only lose their beauty but also create clutter.

7 Essential Dutch-Inspired Home Décor Items

  • Geometric patterned rug Similar to the Amsterdam concrete rugs, a geometric rug with subtle, earthy colors can create harmony in any room and bring a sense of comfort.
  • Dutch-inspired artwork Channel the natural inspiration, aura, and lighting of paintings by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer, especially those showcasing flowers and landscapes.
  • Modern glassware and serving dishes Having crystal glassware on hand that suits all occasions is a definite must in a Dutch-inspired household.
  • Minimalist mugs and cups Make your guests feel welcome by incorporating minimalist mugs and cups for your guests to sip their coffee and tea from. Have these in different pops of color or even in quirky shapes.
  • Modern furniture pieces Include furniture that has interesting, natural-looking upholstery like wood, rattan, and leather.
  • Minimalist accent pieces Bicycles are an essential part of Dutch culture, so don’t hide that bike. Make it part of the décor, treating it almost like a piece of art.
  • Fresh flower arrangements Incorporate flowers into your design. Depending on your budget, use fresh or artificial arrangements of tulips, or even wildflowers.


When starting your Dutch-inspired home decoration journey, choosing a rug for a space is a great place to start as it can drive the rest of your creative process. Experiment with colors and quirky items and explore the possibilities at your fingertips.

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