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3 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Dinner Table

Nicole Day - Writer for Beija Flor
By Nicole Day
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Published October 21, 2022.

Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Dinner Table

If you’re entertaining or hosting a Christmas dinner this holiday season, it can be incredibly stressful to plan, prepare, and make the meal. And then you haven't even started decorating your Christmas dinner table.

But this shouldn't add to your stress. Whether you want simple or ornate décor, the options are at your fingertips and are easier to implement than you think. By utilizing a stunning centerpiece and using nice dinnerware for each guest, you’ll have a spirited table for the season! Color is going to be your best friend while decorating, so let's take a closer look at 3 cheery Christmas color themes and the symbolism behind each color to get you started.

1. Traditional Red and Green

A festively decorated Christmas dinner table with red and green details

For some, there’s only one color combination for Christmas: green and red. When looking at symbolism, red represents Christ’s blood, shed during his crucifixion. Green represents eternal life, signified through evergreen plants such as holly, mistletoe, and the Christmas tree itself.

Because this color scheme consists of such striking, vibrant colors, it would be best to start with a plain white tablecloth as this will truly allow the colors to pop. Add a natural table runner over the tablecloth to act as a base for other decorations and a centerpiece. Now to start adding in some color! Have some fun and play around with patterned placemats to add character. Next, you can add plain red or green napkins, or even Christmas-themed napkins with patterns or pictures. Along your table runner, you can scatter some glorious red and green candles, and red candy canes. You can even tie a red bow around your guests' cutlery.

The perfect centerpiece that we're all familiar with is the famous Christmas wreath which perfectly displays the colors in this theme.

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2. Snowy White

A dinner table decorated for Christmas in white colors with wine glasses

What is more Christmassy than a blanket of fresh white snow? It represents purity and the triumph of good over evil, two powerful themes at Christmas time.

Because white is so crisp and striking, it can be fun to offset that with a black and white table runner to really modernize the table. Add subtle touches of green and brown with placemats and small decorations along the center of the table runner like pine leaves and pinecones. White napkins are best for this décor option as the table runner and placemats will give you the flare your table needs.

A fun and stunning centerpiece of mini white Christmas trees with a quirky animated snowman or elegant reindeer in the middle will tie this snowy theme together.

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3. Glittering Gold

Ways to decorate your Christmas dinner table

Bright gold is an often-used representation of the sun as well as the Son (meaning the Son of God). Gold is used at Christmastime to bring light into the darkness. The beautiful metal was also one of the gifts the Wise Men brought to the baby Jesus and is still a popular holiday gift. Therefore, gold is used to convey wealth, prosperity, and glamour.

If you have a natural wooden table, use it and don't cover it with a tablecloth as the wood will pair beautifully with this theme. If you don't have a wooden table, use a white tablecloth. Now it's time to build! Gold doesn't always need to be glittering as with these gorgeous gold placemats. Pair the placemats with crisp white napkins, gold-sprayed pinecones, ivory-colored candles, and fairy lights scattered down the center of the table.

Finally, your unifying centerpiece could be a large vase filled with golden Christmas baubles, situated on top of a natural, round wooden disc to really tie in the naturalistic feel of this theme.

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Can't which of the 3 Christmas themes to choose? Don't worry—each theme will leave your dinner guests feeling warm and cheery and eagerly awaiting next year's Christmas. And to place the cherry on top, once the busy day of festivities comes to an end, you can breathe a sigh of happy relief knowing that the table runners and placemats do not require heavy-duty cleaning as they're made from premium vinyl and a simple wipe will leave them looking fresh and ready for future gatherings.

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