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9 Classic Rugs Perfect for Under Your Dining Room Table

Kelli Harris - Writer for Beija Flor
By Kelli Harris
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published January 11, 2023.

Black and white chessboard-pattern rug under a dining table with a floral tablecloth

When it comes to choosing a rug to place under your dining room table, there are many benefits that go beyond its aesthetic appeal. Not only will a rug add some flair to your dining space, but it will also protect your floor from scratches and scuffs. Add to this its sound-dampening qualities and the ability to keep your furniture clean, and you've got yourself a true interior essential.

In this article, we bring you beautiful vinyl rugs that are both durable and easy to clean—perfect for under your dining room table or even kitchen table. Check out our selection of 9 classic rugs to get inspired and find the perfect addition to your dining room.

9 Best Dining Room Rugs With a Classic Design

1. Best Bohemian Chic Rug for Adding Whimsy

An orange rug with white floral motif under a dining room table

The Bohemian Garden Hazel rug expresses eclectic artfulness and a free spirit. With its intricate floral embroidery pattern, this rug will bring a dash of whimsy to your dining area. Its vinyl material is the perfect complement to the bustling dining area, providing long-lasting performance and hassle-free upkeep. You can use this rug to either add an interesting focal point or create a full-on bohemian-inspired dining room look.

» Introduce a whimsical charm with Bohemian Garden Hazel Rug

2. Best Animal Hide Rug for Bringing Country Charm

Cow Hide Mother Rug by Beija Flor

The Cow Hide vinyl rug is 100% vegan and a great way to introduce rustic country charm to your home for a cozy, down-to-earth atmosphere. For the full effect, we recommend styling the Cow Hide rug by teaming it up with wooden furniture and other natural elements, such as woven baskets and stone accents. If you want the rug to take the center stage, keep the remainder of your dining room décor subtle and neutral.

» Bring a country feel with Cow Hide Mother Rug

3. Best Gothic Rug for a Dramatic Flair

Snow – Modu Floor Rug by Beija Flor

The Snow – Modu Floor self-sufficient vinyl rolls offer endless possibilities for your dining room. These rolls come in two different widths—120cm and 80cm—allowing you to choose your own length and create a truly individual and modular experience. If you want to bring a dramatic flair to your neutral dining room, we suggest going for the gothic, antique look of Snow Modu rolls. Plus, due to their low-maintenance qualities, these vinyl rolls are the perfect practical choice for your dining space.

» Go for a dramatic flair with Snow – Modu Floor Rug

4. Best Luxury Rug for a Refined Aesthetic

Renaissance Classic Rug by Beija Flor

To bring luxurious detail to your dining room, we think you can't go wrong with our Renaissance Classic rug. This beautiful blend of classical and industrial styles features rich black, burgundy, and gold colors, creating a baroque effect. With its durability and easy-to-clean features, it's both stylish and practical for a busy dining room. And to complete the look, we recommend adding metallic accents or mixing and matching with other patterns and textures.

» Create a refined aesthetic with Renaissance Classic Rug

5. Best Dining Table Rug for Adding Sophistication

A patterned rug in blue, grey, and brown under a dining room table next to a fireplace

The Armenian vinyl rug is a tribute to the craft of Armenian ceramics. It boasts rich, earthy hues and a charming thistle motif to easily take your dining room from ordinary to sophisticated. And if a maximalist or eclectic look is what you have in mind for your dining room décor, we suggest pairing the rug with other floral or botanical accents, such as plants or floral patterns.

» Bring a touch of sophistication with Armenian Amber Concrete Rug

6. Best Modern Floral Rug for a Majestic Feel

A patterned rug in brown and beige tones under a dining room table

Incorporating a classic, antique design but with a modern twist, this rug radiates grandeur. Its woody color palette, combined with the classical Flor De Lis design, creates a majestic feeling that's sure to uplift your dining room. The rug's large border helps define spaces, making it a great choice for a centerpiece in the dining area. For an even more dramatic effect, we feel that pairing the rug with dark furniture might do the trick.

» Introduce a majestic feel with Freyja Antique Sisterhood Rug

7. Best Dining Room Rug for an Antique Touch

Gambit Chess Antique Rug by Beija Flor

With its classic mid-century design, the handsome black and white Gambit Chess Antique rug will quickly become an essential part of any timeless dining room. If the classic look is what you're after when it comes to your dining area, this rug's checkered pattern and elegant border make it a versatile option for pairing with your other décor elements. To really make the best of it, we suggest pairing it with rustic furniture or bold dining room wall art.

» Get the classic look with Gambit Chess Antique Rug

8. Best Vintage Rug for Making a Statement

Chessboard-patterned rug in black and white under a dining room table

Another statement piece from the Gambit vinyl mat collection, this rug features monochromatic tiles and an Italian architectural border to define your dining room space, which is especially useful for loft living. Durable and hard-wearing, this vinyl mat can handle daily use without sacrificing style. And due to its versatility, you can pair it with any décor elements you choose, although we'd suggest adding a pop of color.

» Make a statement with Gambit Italiano Rug

9. Best Antique Rug for an Elegant Dining Room

A colorful patterned rug under a vintage dining room table

Flor De Lis vinyl rug adds an element of royalty to your dining room. With its intricate iris flower pattern and color combination of golds, tans, beiges, and browns contrasted with white and soft greys, you can create an earthy aura that will breathe some elegance into your dining room. If your dining room is in need of some uplifting beauty, we believe this lovely rug will surely get the job done.

» Go for a regal look with Flor De Lis Classic Rug

Transform Your Dining Room With a Classic Rug

If you're looking to spruce up your dining room, we absolutely recommend you consider adding a rug, especially if it has a classic design that guarantees timelessness. Not only can it make the space feel cozier and more inviting, but it can also protect your floors from all that foot traffic and chair movement.

No matter which rug from our list you opt for, make sure you pick the right size for your table and think of your other dining room décor pieces to complete the look.

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