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7 Rustic Wall Art Ideas for a Natural Dining Room

Nicole Day - Writer for Beija Flor
By Nicole Day
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Updated February 28, 2023.

A rustic white wood pannel wall art piece behind a bench with a bag

A rustic-inspired design can make any home feel like a cottage nestled in the quaint countryside. From vintage coffee tables to handmade décor, there are many ways that you can incorporate rustic pieces into your home. If you want to turn your dining room into a country retreat using decorative wall art, you'll be delighted to know that it doesn't limit you merely to photographs, paintings, or graphically designed prints—there are other natural-looking wall art ideas that can transform your space. If you are looking for some rustic wall art ideas to complete your dining room art selection, and you want a design that appeals to your more natural aesthetic, then you are in luck!

Here at Beija Flor, we have curated a list of 7 gorgeous earthy dining room ideas to create that cute cottage look.

1. Best Abstract Wall Art for Adding Warmth

Rustic wooden

The rich and inviting bronze colors in this abstract designer sheet just ooze the tranquility and warmth found in nature. The strong and intense alternating tones give it a surprisingly effortless flow that is easy on the eye and comforting for the soul, like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket by the fire on a chilly Autumn evening. This designer sheet is ideal for the natural wall art look that you want to create. This designer sheet would sit perfectly behind a serving counter or act as a focal point on a feature wall. You can contrast the richness with a deep grey palette, or even consider lighter yet standout rustic colors in your dining room tones to allow it to stand on its own as a feature piece.

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2. Best Wood Wall Art for a Rustic Feel

A rustic white wood pannel wall art piece behind a bench with a bag

Do you love the distressed wood look? This white wood panel mimics that perfectly imperfect aesthetic. The distressed wood style will enhance your dining room, opening the space for modern rustic dining room ideas. Its distressed wood style will enhance your dining room, creating an open space that's perfect for modern rustic dining room decor. The white color adds crispness while keeping your room feeling light, airy, and spacious. This panel is suitable for smaller dining rooms or additional seating areas where it can create a beautiful backdrop for the person sitting before it. Pair it with a stunning table runner to add elegance to your living room.

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3. Best Rusty Wall Art for a Serene Space

Rustic wall art behind a side table

Rust is a familiar natural color and texture that inspires a plethora of rustic wall art ideas. It's no surprise that it has become popular in interior décor and design too. By incorporating this natural-looking element into your dining room, you'll create a unique space that represents change and development. The earthy, subdued colors lend the room a serene and cozy atmosphere. A white wall complements the rusted frame, so it's best applied behind neutral wooden furniture to create a harmonious rustic decor dining room.

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4. Best Vintage Tin Tile Wall Art for a Victorian Look

Tin Tile

We can't get enough of the stunning tin tile design! These designer sheets provide an etched metal texture to your dining room, giving it a touch of Victorian Era elegance. The intricate patterns and textures produce a striking 3D effect that will catch the attention of anyone who sees it. This piece is incredibly versatile and can be used as a border around door frames or as a standalone wall accent piece (you can cut it to a smaller size). The tin tile design lends itself perfectly to rustic chic and natural wall art appeal. White is a wonderful canvas to work with, and if you're looking to add more contrast, consider pairing it with some green foliage or bright and vivid country-side flowers to complete a rustic look that pops with color.

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5. Best Neutral Wall Art for a Tranquil Dining Room


Tatami, what a delightful word! It perfectly fits this gentle and light texture that can elevate the look of your rustic dining room. This standalone wall art piece has a soft tan color and is a beautiful representation of a tight weave. We love how the Tatami Wall Art adds a soft serenity to any indoor space, creating a natural look and feel. The color and texture of this rug will take you on a journey to the far east, where woven items symbolize perfection and hard work while remaining rustic and simplistically bound to their origins.

Due to its color, it is best paired with darker colors or shades to create a rich and dramatic contrast. Work with subtle yet strong colors such as charcoal greys or washed-out blacks. Place dark picture frames in front of it, hang dark wooden pieces on it, or pair it with a stylish rug.

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6. Best Wood Panel Wall Art for Adding Coziness

Earthy, soft, campfire colors

If you're looking for a way to add a true forest campfire feel to your rustic dining room, then the raw wood panel aesthetic of this Wood Panel Wall Art is the perfect fit. With multiple layers of color and flecks of white, it gives an ageless impression that's reminiscent of stumps and logs of wood. Just like how a campfire exudes comfort and warmth while stories are told, this wall art piece can provide the same feeling to your dining room. Showcase it in an entryway or as a feature wall to instantly spark that cozy and nature-inspired aesthetic you desire.

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7. Best Metal Wall Art to Introduce Industrial Chic

Tin Panel

The sound of rain falling on a tin roof can remind us of the serene and calming, or at other times, dramatic and expressive, sounds of nature. It soothes the soul, with that feeling so wonderfully and gently reflected in the aesthetics of the Tin Panel Wall Art. This aesthetic is wonderfully reflected in the Tin Panel Wall Art, which soothes the soul with its soft silver color blotted with an earthy, rich rust hue. The simplicity of its design will match the rustic decor in your dining room, while its sense of overlapping smaller panels provides a DIY feel. You can place this tin panel above or underneath shelves or mirrors, and if you're feeling inspired, add some fairy lights to create a romantic ambiance for a dinner for two.

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When you combine the charm of rustic designs with modern comfort, you can create a natural, calming, and relaxing vibe that connects you and those around you with nature. To build on the rustic aesthetic in your dining room, consider pairing rugs with your wall art and utilizing tableware and earthy paint colors. Taking these steps will enhance your dining room's natural look and feel and give you a cozy and welcoming space that you'll love spending time in.

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