Are seafoam green and blue bathroom wall art ideal for a calming ambiance?

Asked 7 months ago

My wife wants us to remodel our bathroom, and she adores the Mediterranean design style. We want to create a relaxing, therapeutic ambiance environment, especially after long days. I opted for combining water tones like seafoam green and blue accents for a rug and wall art. Are these colors perfect for this purpose?

Deseré Davis

Deseré Davis

Friday, December 16, 2022

Those colors are perfectly suitable for the feelings and atmosphere you want for your bathroom. Blue, and shades of blue, is well-known for the calming effects it has on people, which is why it's such a popular color for bathrooms and bedrooms. Consider combining blue in your bathroom wall art with complementary cool tones like greens, grays, and purple for a really calming atmosphere.

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