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7 Modern Vinyl Rugs Suited to Your Contemporary Living Room

Nicole Day - Writer for Beija Flor
By Nicole Day
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Updated March 2, 2023.

Round rug with a border and warm tones in a living room underneath two small side tables

With straightforward silhouettes, textural fabrics, and endless opportunities to evolve, contemporary interior design encapsulates the world's most comfortable and popular trends. The contemporary style uses simplicity as an opportunity for play, as it embraces what feels right in that moment, and that versatility and spontaneity are where the fun comes in. A prime example of this would be to choose a muted rug for your living room as this enables you to play around and express your creativity with other, more decorative elements.

Choosing the right rug for your living room is therefore an important decision to make, as it can vastly change the aesthetics and feel of the room. It can also be the feature that ties the entire room and its other decorative elements together, to create a sense of unity and completeness.

1. Alex Natural Vinyl Rug

Alex Natural

The Alex rug consists of neutral, subtle greys that gently soften the room and adds a simplistic sense of elegance and calmness. This vinyl rug is aligned with the contemporary design style due to its distinct pattern lines, allowing shades to change along the rug, all the while displaying texture.

Adding this rug to your contemporary-styled living room would be a perfect choice, as it's non-boastful and will provide your room with an architecturally striking element.

» Give your space a neutral base with Alex Natural Rug

2. Emilia Natural Vinyl Rug

Emilia Natural

The soft beige hues and intricate, delicate woven details around the border of the Emilia rug make it the perfect choice for your contemporary living room. You'll be able to use this rug as a grounding feature while you add splashes of color to other décor items. Its soft tones allow it to sit perfectly under tables or furniture, but still bring a sense of harmony to the area.

Neutral is one of the main colors of the contemporary style, therefore this rug could not be more perfect for achieving that goal.

» Go back to basics with Emilia Natural Rug

3. Borgo Lily Antique Vinyl Rug

Monochrome vinyl rug with bold lines in a living room

The most obvious and distinctive element of a contemporary interior design style is the line, and this Borgo rug could not show off its detailed, strong lines more perfectly to suit this style. The thick, curved lines, each within their own block, make this bold rug such a statement piece reminiscent of the Persian style.

Use it to enhance your living room as it will provide it with a unique, geometric pattern that will sit perfectly under some neutral, lighter furnishings.

» Bring some modern flair with Borgo Lily Antique Rug

4. Stamped Reed Twist Vinyl Rug

Contemporary vinyl rug with neautral finishings

As its name suggests, this rug mimics the effect of having been stamped. Its base color is a soft tan which will provide warmth to the room, while its striking black print is the ultimate contrast. Therefore, this is the perfect two-toned rug to suit your contemporary designed living room.

Moreover, the print on the rug perfectly embodies the natural fibers within and adds a textural appeal to the rug.

» Introduce a contemporary twist with Stamped Reed Twist Rug

5. Borgo Black & White Antique Vinyl Rug

Borgo Black and White Antique

There is no better pair of contrasting colors than the striking black and white duo. This excellent combination can be seen clearly in the Borgo Black & White Antique rug. If your living room holds softer, more neutral colors, then this striking contemporary rug will be the perfect addition.

The geometric shapes, consisting of diagonal lines forming diamonds and triangles in the rug, offer a mesmerizing characteristic that will be perfect in any contemporary-style home.

» Combine classic and modern with Borgo Black & White Rug

6. White Fishbone Modu Floor Vinyl Rug

White Fishbone - Modu Floor

This monochromatic rug offers beauty, simplicity, and interesting detail. Its crisp white base color roots it comfortably in contemporary design, while its zig-zag line detail offers character and creates a natural flow across the rug.

The White Fishbone Modu rug can be the perfect choice for your living room as its simple color palette provides you with endless opportunities to accentuate the room with bolder color notes.

» Offset bolder décor choices with White Fishbone Modu Floor Rug

7. Zoya Natural Vinyl Rug

Zoya Natural

The contemporary style embraces minimalistic elements, highlighting beiges as one of its core colors. It's no wonder this Zoya Natural rug fits perfectly into that vision. Its earthy feel with free-flowing linework offers the perfect amount of detail, without making the room feel "cluttered".

The rug also offers a sense of warmth and comfort, perfect for any contemporary living room aiming for a sense of sophistication, without compromising on its inviting essence.

» Add a minimalistic element with Zoya Natural Rug


While a geometric or neutral-styled rug can be the perfect addition to your contemporary-styled living room, there are other, alternative décor options to enhance that aesthetic. A common option is to utilize furniture in neutral tones and decorate them with vibrantly colored pillows to add a splash of color. Additionally, hang pictures or sculptures close together on walls so that they create the feeling of one large piece. Always remember, in contemporary interiors, open space is often just as important as the pieces you put in the space.

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