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6 Ways Mediterranean Placemats Can Brighten Up Your Dinner Table

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Updated December 1, 2022.

Mediterranean placemats folded aesthetically on decorative table settings

If you're looking to bring in a sense of warmth and light into your dining room, consider going for a Mediterranean-inspired color palette for your dinner table. For a stylish rustic feel, you can combine light blue with rich brown tones, and if you're feeling Tuscan, rustic orange and honeycomb yellows will surely conjure up images of endless summer days.

Mediterranean colors are intrinsically inspired by and reminiscent of nature, so you can't go wrong! When it comes to decorating with a Mediterranean feel, an understated look is best, so Mediterranean placemats may be just what you're looking for. Here are 6 ways you can use Mediterranean-inspired placemats to make your dinner table the star of the show.

1. Bring Nature’s Colors Into the Room

Beija Traditional Linen

If you're using the beautiful and muted colors of nature to create a relaxed and serene ambiance, complementing them with lovely blues that echo the evening sky is an ideal way to bring a sense of relaxation and calm to the dinner table. The coolness of the blue makes it a great color for a warm room with plenty of light, while a traditional linen-inspired tiled or cross-stitch placemat in beige can bring a warm versatility. Matched with a Mediterranean blue bordering, this beige placemat can add a lovely and subtle rhythm to your dinner table.

» Echo the colors of nature with Traditional Linen Lisa Placemat

2. Set an Earthy Tone

Rattan Placemat

Your dining table truly is the heart of the home, as this is where we gather with friends and family to share meals and conversation. It's also the perfect space for creative expression and play—you can use texture and color to create a layered table design that reflects your personal style. Adding Mediterranean and light earthy tones such as a natural beige can pair very well with the soft tones of olive green, inspired by the muted rolling landscapes of the Mediterranean. The versatile Rattan placemats can bring in that needed texture to help you set an earthy tone.

» Give your table an earthy feel with Rattan Cross Placemat

3. Create a Sunset Feel

Poppy Turmeric

Why not bring a Mediterranean sunset atmosphere to your table? Combined with beige and a cheerful, sunflower yellow, these placemats can help you create the lovely, warm atmosphere you're after. The delicate patterned design of this placemat is inspired by the vivid orange of the Californian poppy flower, and it's sure to brighten up your dining room, especially if it doesn't get much natural light.

» Bring the sunset inside with Poppy Tumeric Placemat

4. Explore Your Surface With an Artistically-Designed Placemat

Koketit Artistic

Abstract placemats? Why not! Using creatively styled placemats can help you create a unique, avant-garde space with a playfully dramatic flair. Black and white abstract placemats can work wonderfully with any Mediterranean color palette you choose, so you can play around to your heart's content. Because these placemats stand out quite a lot on their own, consider keeping your Mediterranean colors solid. Let these placemats be the dining showstopper!

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5. Add a Touch of Summer and Relaxation

Mediterranean Garden

You can opt for a handmade water color illustration to bring an organic and peaceful feel to your table—the gentleness of these placemats calls out to long summer days and cool breezy evenings. You can add more flowers in soft pinks and bright green fern leaves to play further into a Mediterranean-themed dinner table setting. The dinnerware can also come in light or vibrant greens to bring an extra element of freshness to your table.

» Bring an air of summer tranquility with Mediterranean Garden Placemat

6. Set a Cooling Tone

Mediterranean Garden Blue

Another water color illustration, this time in a deep and moving blue, is a must-have addition to your Mediterranean dinner table. The combination of subtle earthy and soft sea tones can amplify the brightness of your dining room. A solid pine wood table with a dark imbuia stain or varnish can really tie in that rustic Tuscan look and set the scene for fine or relaxed dining, which you can enhance with rustic wall art for the complete feel.

» Create a serene atmosphere with Mediterranean Garden Light Blue Placemat

Spice Up Your Table Settings With the Right Placemat

Your dinner table can be a great canvas to display the natural beauty of a Mediterranean-style color palette. It's also an incredibly simple way to explore a variety of Mediterranean-themed looks, while incorporating your unique personal taste and eye for design. Adding inspiration pieces like placemats can also be a helpful guide when choosing other dining accessories, such as matching napkins and tablecloths, dining sets, cutlery, or even artwork for the dining room walls.

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