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10 Vintage Vinyl Floor Rugs to Add Flair to Any Space

Nicole Day - Writer for Beija Flor
By Nicole Day
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Beija Flor
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Updated December 1, 2022.

Vintage vinyl rug beneath living room table and matched to the design of the room

When it comes to finding functional and chic flooring options that will leave an impression, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection—this is where vintage vinyl floor rugs come in. These rugs can instantly transform a room by adding flair to the space while offering durability and hassle-free cleaning, which all homeowners can enjoy.

The best part about vinyl rugs is the large variety of unique colors and pattern combinations they come in. Whether you're looking to upgrade your room or simply add something extra special, this selection of vintage vinyl floor rugs has something for you.

1. Zsa Zsa Solo Round

A round rug with pink-feathered ostrich print on a living room floor

This bold and daring rug isn't for the faint-hearted! With its flamboyant image of a majestic ostrich with its candy pink feathers outstretched, this rug will not only add a flair to any space, but it will also become a statement piece and a real conversation starter. The diagonal black and white stripes behind the ostrich guide your eyes and allow the bird to be the focal point of this rug. The soft pink contrasts the solid black and white details, and each color is represented equally.

» Make a statement with Zsa Zsa Solo Round Rug

2. Gambit Italiano

Chessboard-patterned rug in black and white under a dining room table

This Gambit rug in classic black and white will infuse any room you put it in with a classy feel, while its neutral color palette will allow your other décor choices to really pop. The chessboard pattern of this vinyl mat will give your space just the right amount of flair.

» Give your home a classy feel with Gambit Italiano Rug

3. Flor De Lis Classic

Flor De Lis Classic

This regal rug showcases the beautiful iris flower, which signifies life, light and perfection. This unique flower pattern will add beautiful detail to your space of choice. Its color combination consists of golds, tans, beiges, and browns contrasted with white and soft greys. The colors combine harmoniously, creating an earthy aura suitable for any room that needs a bit of uplifting beauty.

» Enhance any room in your home with Flor De Lis Classic Rug

4. Eclectic Colorful

Eclectic Colorful

Fun and excitement are the two main qualities this rug exudes. Each vinyl square is a unique vintage pattern revitalized with a playful color palette that contrasts the neighboring square. From crisp blues to warm sunshine yellows, this rug takes what some might call a mess and turns it into a vivid, harmonious celebration of colors and patterns that's sure to brighten up any room you place it in.

» Add a pop of color with Eclectic Colorful Rug

5. Rock Star Silver

Geometric-patterned rug in neutral colors on a kitchen floor

With precise, clean, and classic lines, this rug is situated within the Bauhaus movement. It has a soft and subdued color palette, allowing the eye-catching geometric patterns to stand out and be the factor that provides flair to the space. These neutral colors also make this rug a great addition to almost any room without breaking the balance of the décor.

» Create a look of subtle boldness with Rock Star Silver Rug

6. Gambit Chess

A black and white chessboard-patterned rug on a living room floor

As another Gambit rug choice, this black and white vinyl rug will bring a classic mid-century charm into any room you choose. With its chessboard pattern and elegant colors, this rug will give your living space a timeless feel.

» Bring a classic mid-century charm with Gambit Chess rug

7. Flor De Lis Black & White

Flor De Lis Black & White

As simple as the black and white combo seems, it's arguably the most striking color combination of all time due to these colors being complete opposites. It's for this reason that this rug will without a doubt add flair to any space you place it in, especially if the room is of a neutral color palette. Similarly to the 3rd rug in this list, this rug also showcases the royal iris flower, which will add beauty to the room along with its distinct colors.

» Give your home a regal look with Flor De Lis Black & White Rug

8. Lagertha Antique Sisterhood

Lagertha Antique Sisterhood

This large rug is perfect for adding flair to an open floor plan space, as it consists of multiple designs, shapes, and borders. Its woody color palette gives it an antique feel that's sure to evoke many stories and memories. You can cover a large plain floor with this rug to warm up the area and tie in your surrounding furniture.

What's more, this flexible and expandable rug works like magic to adjust to your preferences—if it's too wide for your taste, you can overlap it, or you can expand it if you find it too narrow.

» Combine different patterns with Lagertha Antique Sisterhood Rug

9. Almond Mint

Ancient flowery-patterned rug in soft mint and pink on a living room floor

Inspired by ancient geometric patterns, this rug will convert any room you put it in into a harmonious combination of ancient and modern. With its beautiful pattern and soft colors, the Almond rug will give any room a warm feel in addition to lending it some flair.

» Harmonize your space with Almond Mint Rug

10. Borgo Bordeaux Antique

Borgo by Beija Flor Bordeaux Antique

Who says two colors are boring? Not us! Red and white are the two colors in this unique rug, and they're in no way lifeless—the warm earthy red holds culture and tradition, while the crisp white brings a modern touch. What's more, this rug's alternating triangle pattern introduces just the right amount of detail and flair to add variety to any space.

» Introduce a retro detail with Borgo Bordeaux Antique Rug

Add Flair to Any Space With a Vintage Vinyl Rug of Your Choice

Any one of these vintage vinyl floor rugs will add flair to any room in your house, but there are other ways to use them rather than just placing them on the floor to enhance their effect. You can overlap your rugs to add more variation and style, or place the rug underneath furniture to centralize sitting areas and create a comfortable feel underfoot.

» Didn't find what you're looking for? Visit our store for more vintage vinyl floor rugs, and see how to flair up any room with just a rug.