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8 Stylistic and Creative Rug Solutions for Your Corridor

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Updated December 2, 2022.

Open door revealing stylistic rug placed in the home entranceway corridor

Corridors act as connections between the spaces in your home, from the initial impression created by the entryway to the family feeling created by the kitchen, living room, and dining room to the calmness of the bedroom. Therefore, hallway rugs are particularly important if you want to decorate your home to tie everything nicely together.

It’s important to consider the best material for rugs. It must be high-quality to ensure the rugs are durable and won’t lose their color. However, it’s also important that you choose the right rug. Your rug should complement the rest of your interior design and not feel out of place.

Here are a few ideas on how to use rugs in your corridors that will elevate how your home feels:

1. Go With a Classic Runner Rug

A Bauhaus-style black and white rhombus-patterned rug on a wooden floor in a hallway

If you’re unsure of what kind of rug to use, you can always stick to the classic runner rug. Also known as sprinters, these rugs are typically three feet wide and can be found in various lengths.

Classic runner rugs like the Bauhaus Silver can make tiny hallways look especially good because they’re thin and long, and they come in many interesting and beautiful design options.

» Give your entryway a classic look with Bauhaus Silver Rug

2. Stripes Can Enhance a Narrow Hallway

Alex Blue Lifestyle Rug

If you have a really narrow hallway, consider using a rug with a stripe design, like the Alex Indigo rug. A striped rug will make your hallway look far more spacious than it really is and give it a beautiful appearance.

By implying movement in the direction of the stripes, this rug can create the illusion of a wider space.

» Make your hallway seem wider with Alex Indigo Rug

3. Use a Simple Rug for Patterned Tiles

Natural vinyl rug in earth color palette

If your hallway has patterned tiles, you can complement how it looks by choosing a simple rug. You shouldn’t cover the gorgeous patterned tiles with a huge and eye-catching rug, you’ll be hiding the tiles’ beauty.

Choose a rug that's practical and simplistic in design, but doesn't contain colors that will clash with the tiles.

» Complement your tiles with a neutral look with Zoya Natural Rug

4. Use a Patterned Rug for Plain Flooring

Bohemian Garden

If your hallway is simple and plain, you definitely want to brighten it up with a patterned or bold rug like the Bohemian Garden rug. This is an inexpensive and quick way to make your hallway look and feel refreshed and appealing.

You can even have a few patterned rugs that you switch out occasionally to keep things interesting.

» Spice up your corridor with Bohemian Garden Rug

5. Bring Out Your Hallway Rug’s Beauty With Furnishings

Suzanna Powder Rug by Beija Flor

A good way to give your hallway a harmonious feel is by keeping your current furnishings in mind or buying furnishings that will work well with your rug.

For example, choose a rug with colors and textures that complement your curtains, plants, and the wall art you’ve placed. For instance, if your hallway is furnished with pieces in a neutral color palette, gentle rugs like the Suzanna Powder will only enhance this look.

» Harmonize your home's entryway with Suzanna Powder Rug

6. Create Contrast and Interest With Unique Design Choices

Sunflower India

How about using contrast to add some visual interest to your hallway? You don’t have to deliberately choose colors and designs that clash, but subtle contrast can go a long way in spicing up your décor.

For example, you can make striped wallpaper and a floral rug like the Sunflower India work because the differences are subtle and still look good.

» Add a floral contrast with Sunflower India Rug

7. Make Up for a Messy Lifestyle With a Dark Hallway Rug

A wooden-looking rug with stripes in different tones like dark and light wood

If you’re regularly stuck with dirt being brought into your home because of bikes, muddy shoes, and paws, you’ll find relief in a dark hallway rug like the Wood Art Black rug.

A dark rug can look fantastic and help things look cleaner in general. What's more, dark rugs can look really striking in hallways painted in lighter colors.

» Clean up your hallway's look with Wood Art Black Rug

8. Create a Visual Pathway

A patterned entryway rug in earthy tones seen through an open front door next to a wooden bench with plants

Your hallway doesn’t have to feel like a dead, empty space. To make this pathway look more pleasing, choose a rug that has an interesting color or pattern, like the Gothic Modu Floor.

Use your hallway rug to connect the corridor to the rest of the rooms by ensuring it matches the decorations and style theme in the rest of your home.

» Spark visual interest with Gothic Modu Floor Rug

Bring Your Corridor to Life With the Right Rug

Your corridor doesn’t have to be boring or lifeless—it can look just as amazing as the rest of your home when you place the right rug in the right place. You just need to shop around a bit and find the perfect one that suits your tastes and preferences. Have fun choosing the best rug for your home, and enjoy how effortlessly it elevates your corridors.

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