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Can I use an iron tray as a bedside lamp base?

Asked a year ago

I recently got a new set of bedside lamps from an antique shop. Unfortunately they wobble a lot from aged look. My husband wants us to get rid of them but I want a more elegant solution. I'd like to experiment with iron trays as an elegant base for lamps, but I'm unsure if they're worth it?

Natasha Johnson

Natasha Johnson

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Iron trays are definitely worth it. Beija Flor has some lovely design ideas, from contemporary, to more classic approaches, so many options that will suit whatever design aesthetic you are going for. Iron is a strong and sturdy material that will last for many years. they also come in various sizes, so you can play around. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and keep dry to avoid rust or wobble.

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