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Should Your Rug Be Wider Than Your Couch?

Your rug and your couch are like loving partners, they should complement each other. Learn what to consider when pairing rugs with your couch.

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Published August 9, 2022.

When buying a rug for your living room, compare the size of your couch with the rug. Try to find a rug at least as wide as the width of your couch, to provide a sense of comfort. A rug that's smaller will look out of place and create an uncomfortable visual gap at the sides of the couch.

What to Consider When Pairing Rugs With Your Couch

When pairing a rug with your couch, consider these guidelines:

The Size of the Rug Should Add Visual Appeal

Measure the length of the couch accurately before buying a rug. A rounder couch may appear smaller than a slab-like modern couch. Be sure to buy a rug that will match the couch's length, if the rug doesn't extend beyond the couch. This will add visual weight to the room and a sense of comfort.

A Smaller Rug Should Extend Beyond the Couch Length

If you have carpeting throughout the room, and you want to use an area rug in your living room décor as a color accent, ensure the rug extends beyond the length of the couch. If it's narrower, it will look skimpy.

The Biggest Rug Is the Best

The best guideline is: the more comfort you can provide with a rug, the better. Try placing the couch on top of the rug so that it extends beyond the couch on all sides, by at least 6-8 inches.

Final consideration

Between a bigger and smaller rug, a bigger rug complements the couch best.