Can premium vinyl rugs be recycled if they were used in humid areas of a house?

Asked 9 months ago

I have a premium vinyl rug in the sunny breakfast nook of my home. I shouldn't have put it in such a sunny and humid spot though because I've noticed that it's become discolored. I want to throw the rug away, but I don't know if the plastic in the rug could damage the environment. Can rugs like these be recycled, even if they were placed in a really humid room?

Rex Hardin

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

A vinyl rug will definitely damage the environment and should never simply be discarded. It contains materials that will have a negative impact on the area and is not biodegradable. You should take your rug to a recycling center that handles that kind of material. It likely doesn't matter in what condition the rug is, and vinyl can be recycled up to eight times!

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