Having the Right Size Rug for Your Sectional Couch With Chaise

A rug paired with a sectional couch with a chaise looks fabulous and inviting. But you need the right size rug; join us in looking closer at what that size is.

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Published June 21, 2022.

Sectional couches have become increasingly popular and can make a living room look a lot more welcoming. One of the best ways to decorate your living room when you’ve got a sectional couch is by adding a large area rug, which will help anchor the room and create a warm environment.

The shape of the rug doesn’t matter all that much—you can use a round, square, or rectangular one if you want.

Determining the Size of Your Rug for Sectional Couches With Chaises

To find out what size the rug should be for your sectional couch with a chaise, you should take into consideration the layout you want to use. You can either place the rug under the couch with all the legs centered, or with only the front legs placed on the rug.

If you want to place the rug completely under the couch, you must choose a rug that is big enough to extend on all sides by at least six inches. If you want only the front legs on the couch, you should choose a rug that is big enough to allow all seating furniture’s front legs to be on the rug as well.

As you can see, you’ll need a fairly large area rug regardless of your choice.

In general, the ideal rug size for your sectional couch with a chaise will be 8’ x 10’ if the couch is between 85’’ and 90’’ wide. You can determine the size of the rug by keeping the width of your couch in mind.

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