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Recommended Dimensions for Table Runners

A table runner can elevate a dining table and make it look and feel more interesting. Let's find out what dimensions your table runner should be.

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Published August 10, 2022.

Table runners are a very nice way to add interest and beauty to your dining table, regardless of the occasion. They can add extra appeal to your table’s setting even without using a tablecloth and can be complemented by decorative trivets and matching napkins.

So, what size should your table runner be? Let’s find out!

Standard Sizes of Table Runners

The standard length of a table runner can be anything between 36 inches and 108 inches. As for the width, this can be anything from 10 inches to 15 inches. It's common to use a table runner with a width that's a third of your dining table’s width.

You can have an overhang of up to six inches on each end of the table for a decorative effect, but it shouldn’t be longer than that.

What Size Table Runner Do You Need?

In the end, the length and width of your table runner depend on you and the occasion you’re using it for. You can choose a table runner that doesn’t hang off the table at all or one that hangs off a bit.

Ideally, your table runner should hang no further than your tablecloth, if you’re using one. If you’re not, formal occasions usually call for an overhang, but this is not necessary if your event is casual.

Get Your Table Runner in the Perfect Size for Your Table

With these recommended dimensions for table runners, you will be able to get the right width and length for your table that will look fabulous.