Using Feng Shui to Place Your Bedroom Rug

Publié le May 03, 2023
Using Feng Shui to Place Your Bedroom Rug

Feng Shui is a widespread practice that's all about making your home balanced with the natural world. This balance is achieved by arranging the pieces in your living space the right way. Feng Shui aims to harness energy forces and achieve and maintain harmony between individuals and their environments.

When it comes to your bedroom, you want it to be serene and peaceful to promote good sleep. Rugs in bedrooms give a sense of comfort and are warm and inviting. Combined with Feng Shui bedroom colors, placing your bedroom rug in the right place can enhance the serenity of a bedroom and make it the ideal space for rest and relaxation.

5 Best Feng Shui Color Element Rugs and Their Qualities

  1. Expansive Green: Blush Green Rug
  2. Passion Red: Jasmine Red Rug
  3. Curious Blue: Royal Indigo Diamond Rug
  4. Self-Assured Orange: Royal Jaipur Rug
  5. Serene White: Alex Natural Rug

Which Colors Correspond With the 5 Elements of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui colors may alter the atmosphere and energy of your home, but their use goes beyond just improving the room's aesthetics. Feng Shui isn't just a fashionable interior design technique—it's both an art and a science, with the ultimate goal of balancing your inner energy.

The colors and elements of your home's Bagua are also related to the Five Elements—the element of fire is seen in reds, metal in whites, water in blue, wood in greens, and earth in orange. When selecting the colors for your bedroom mats and other décor items, it's crucial to keep in mind the five elements and the colors that correspond to them.

Feng Shui Rug Shapes for Your Bedroom

The shape of the rug you choose for your bedroom is a lot more important than you might think. If you’re following a Feng Shui approach, you have to select the right shape and size. For instance, placing a rug in a small bedroom is different from doing so in a large bedroom in terms of Feng Shui bedroom rug placement.

Round and oval rugs can promote peace, and they don’t disrupt the flow of chi, so they’re a good shape for your bedroom, especially with regard to Feng Shui for a small bedroom. Oval rugs also attract wealth and are believed to promote smooth sailing, making them great small rugs for bedroom spaces to promote plentitude.

On the other hand, square or rectangular rugs represent the element of earth, and they bring balance to a room. If you want your bedroom to offer stability, you should buy a rectangular or square rug.

»For more information on rugs, read our guide to choosing the right living room rug.

Placing Your Feng Shui Bedroom Rug

Now that we’ve covered the important colors and shapes for your bedroom rugs, let’s look at how to place them to maximize Feng Shui.

Placing your rug at the foot of the bed is believed best to prevent toxic energy from reaching the space where you're resting and relaxing, creating a serene bedroom atmosphere.

When talking about Feng Shui, it's also essential to ensure the rugs you choose are eco-friendly and easy to clean so that they don't accumulate negative energy that could disrupt the positivity or stability of your bedroom.

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