Tin Tile Dark KAMI – Beija DIY Wall Paper

KAMI - Beija DIY Wall Paper

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Size: 40x80//5 units

40x80//5 units

  • Description

    Elevate your home with the industrial chic vibe that our Tin tile KAMI wallpaper brings. Redefine your space and make a bold statement with the captivating allure of our Tin Tile Wallpaper - where modernity meets classic design.

  • Handle & care

    The Kami wall can be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried.
    Do not use acid or chlorine.
    In case you have leftovers - stored flat or rolled.
    Do not fold the sheets.

    Application Instructions:
    1. Choose your style - plan your desired wall by laying out the Kami sheets on the floor using duct tape or create a freestyle design for a unique look.
    2. Dip the Kami sheets in water for 20-30 seconds.
    3. Flip the sheet and dip again until both sides are completely wet, ensuring the center is also moist.
    4. Place the wet sheet on the wall in your desired position, allowing it to move freely while still wet.
    5. After placement, use a slightly wet cloth to wipe the surface, removing air bubbles and ensuring the wallpaper is straight and flat on the wall.
    6. Use a plastic spatula or kitchen wiper to eliminate excess moisture.
    7. After placing all the sheets, let them dry completely.
    Enjoy your transformed wall!

  • Size & color

    There may be slight color changes between the images
    on your screen and the actual product.

    There may be a deviation of up to 3% in the product size due to the production process.