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Size: 40X80 cm - 2 pieces

40X80 cm - 2 pieces

Style: Antique

  • Description

    Express your inner designer in the most intuitive and easy way. Our roll stickers are a perfect and accessible solution for upgrading specific areas, changing ambiance or just adding a touch of color and texture to any surface.

    Add that perfect finishing touch to your space with our stylish borders.

    Please keep in mind: when you opt for the antique aesthetic, you're embracing our creativity.
    We bring the world as it is to our rugs; Cracked, broken, sometimes rubbed, Yet always the most beautiful.
    Consider this when selecting your Beija.
    *If you prefer precision, meticulousness, and a fresh appearance,
    An antique-style may not be your best fit.
    But hey, we have a lot more options :)

  • Handle & care

    Wipe the Backsplash with a wet cloth and leave to dry.
    Do not use acid or Chlorine.
    In case you have leftovers- Stored Flat or rolled.
    Do not fold the stickers.

    The location of the sticker should be planned in advance.

    Each sticker should be removed separately and gently applied in the designated place.

    The surface should be clean and completely dry before sticking.

    Start from one edge of the sticker, and gradually remove the paper and stick down with a dry cloth.
    The stickers can be removed if necessary with no damage or residue.
They are also extremely resilient.
    * Further application instructions enclosed within the packet.

  • Size & color

    Size & color