Bohemian Graden Indigo Flower round Vinyl Rug

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Size: Round mat 99cm

Round mat 99cm

  • Description

    This craft began in the new colonies of America.

    Settlers at the beginning of their journey,

    reuses any woven materials and braided them into a rug.

    This collection is an homage to pioneers who want

    to nourish and enlighten their nest.

  • Handle & care


    • Wash the vinyl rug with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry.
    • All floor cleaning liquids should do.
    • Do not use acid or chlorine.

    Special care

    • Do not drag heavy furniture across the vinyl rug.
    • Do not fold the mat, leave it flat or roll it into a roll.
    • For indoor use only. Can be used in a shaded patio or balcony.
      Colors may fade in direct sunlight.
  • Size & color

    There may be slight color changes between the images
    on your screen and the actual product.

    There may be a deviation of up to 3% in the product size due to the production process.