Wholesaler Terms

Order and delivery information
Minimum order quantity – 1,200€ per order
For proven results, we recommend ordering minimum 3 items of each model.

Payment terms
Orders up to 2,500€ – 100% up front
2,500€ – 5,000€ – 70% deposit, 30% before shipping
5,000€ and up – 50% deposit, 50% before shipping

Lead time
30 business days from payment
Shipping cost varies according to the weight of the package and the final destination.
Following Accessories will be delivered:
– Branded ribbons.
– Handling instruction postcards for the consumer.
– Branded Beija Flor Barrels- You will receive
– a display barrel with your  first order.

Supplementary marketing material
Placemat display stand
A perfect solution to display our Tableware collection placemats. 
For a tableware order over 700€ you can receive one free Beija flor
placemat stand.
For a tableware order over 350€  you can receive one Beija flor
placemat stand for an additional 50€.

Display mat
We believe that one of the best ways to sell our products is by displaying selected mats that best compliment your shops interior in full size on the store floor. It’s a great eye catcher and a perfect way to show the strength of the product.
That’s why we invite you to choose a mat of your liking to be displayed on your shop floor for a 50% discount off the wholesale price.

Sample books
Explore the wide range of designs in a compact and convenient way.
You can now order 20×30 cm sample sheets of each design or simply order a sample pack of any family or collection you may desire.
20×30 samples of mats and designer sheet- 1 euro per sheet

Vitrine stickers and Posters
Create your custom made vitrine stickers and posters for presenting Beija Flor products in your shop.

Estimated shipping costs

Order in EuroShipping cost – % of order
1,200 – 2,00017% – 20%
2,000 – 4,00015% – 17%
4,000 & above 12% – 15%