Wholesaler Terms

Order and delivery information

Minimum order quantity – 1200   550€ per order

Adding/updating outstanding orders

We acknowledge how dynamic your orders can be and want to offer you the support you need 

Adding to orders– we will accept one additional back order within a week of confirming your initial order.

All addings should be done through our site  in a new order. To avoid misunderstandings,

please mention your initial order/proforma number on the note section of your new order. 

Updating your order– All changes can be made before final confirmation and payment.

Otherwise, please contact us and we will try to assist. 

*Please allow up to 5% stock variation based on availability.

Payment terms

Orders up to 2,500€ – 100% up front

5,000€ and up – 50% deposit, 50% before shipping

Lead time

Your order will be shipped within 14 business days from payment,

transport time usually takes between 7-10 days. 

Order cancellation terms

Since any and all productions are per order only, cancellation of orders are not do able.

Special request will be consider with cancellation fee of 12% from products prices


Handle and care instructions

In addition to the products you ordered you will also receive branded labels

with handle and care instructions.

We kindly ask you to attach the labels to each product

as it carries important information for the end customer


Marketing tools

Top 3 winning display tips 

Create an eye-catching Beija Flor display 

Let us give you the best 3 tips we gathered on how to maximize your shop space and create a beautiful display

  • Blending naturally – integrate our products in your shop display in a natural way and add color and texture to any setting. Our products are like a Chameleon, they blend naturally and effortlessly in all environments.
  •  Use your floor – the best and most effective way to present and sell our mats are showing your customers how it will look on their home floor. choose a model that fits your shop ambiance and see how once it’s out everyone will be asking you about it.
  • Better together – our mats love company! make a gathering of patterns, colors and sizes that work together and feel the immediate impact of a well-chosen ensemble.

Lifestyle images

All our beautiful lifestyle images are available for you to download directly from our site. 

Social Media 

We encourage you to share your beautiful Beija images on your social media account and will happily RG them!

Tag us @beijaflorworld to be featured on our feed.

We  are so inspired by your display designs and love to see how

the Beija mats you picked perfectly find their way in your shop. 

@beijaflorworld #beijaflorworld