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We believe in the long term-
Both in our products and our business philosophy.
Sustainable products just like human connections are something
worth investing in.
Open communication channels are the basis for a successful relationship.
Sharing thoughts, trends and inspirations.

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> exclusive discounts and sales
> Pre-launch on new collections
> Information and pictures you need available
> Independent payment by credit card will be available or bank transfer, at your convenience
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    Must have accessory for your shop

    Our runners are your must have.
    Gorgeous, and space-efficient sizes.
    Offering your customers the total look – buy 1 or combine all 3.

    Beija flor vinyl mat is a total game-changer.
    Not just for the vibe added to the space but also for the ease of cleaning.

    These vinyl mats are wipe-clean and also really thin,
    yet comfortable to walk on, providing some cushion to your feet.
    And, as a bonus, they don’t slip.

    What kind of information I can find on the resellers site?

    Everything you need and more. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to place orders, get all the stunning lifestyle images for your marketing purposes, find all the terms, conditions and shipping information you need.

    How do I sell best Beija Flor mats?

    Top 3 winning tips Create an eye-catching Beija Flor display

    Let us give you the best 3 tips we gathered on how to maximize your shop space and create a beautiful display

    1. Use your floor

    The best and most effective way to present and sell our mats are showing your customers how it will look on their home floor. chose a model that fits your shop ambiance and see how once it’s out everyone will be asking you about it.

    2. Better together – our mats love company!

    Make a gathering of patterns, colors and sizes that work together and feel the immediate impact of a well-chosen volume.

    3. Blending naturally

    integrate our products in your shop display in a natural way and add color and texture to any setting. Our products are like a Chameleon, they blend naturally and effortlessly in all environments.

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    What is your lead time?

    Delivery time is 21 days.

    Have a look at our catalogue