Bloomin' Marvellous Blush Green Vinyl Rug

Divine Savages x Beija Flor

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Size: Small Runner 50X100 cm

Small Runner 50X100 cm

  • Description

    Blooming marvelous vinyl rug is inspired by the iconic St James Park in London. It features expansive blooms of trailing peonies, set against the bucolic backdrop of the park’s Dutch Cottage. Hidden within the intricate detail are the parks resident royal pelicans set amongst a whimsical botanical wonderland.

    We love to collaborate!
    Beija Flor have teamed up with the UK home couture specialists Divine Savages. Excited to share with you our total crush for this stunningly flamboyant design that conjures the Golden Age of Hollywood and the iconic motion pictures of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
    Hope you will enjoy our collaborate as much as we do!
  • Handle & care


    • Wash the vinyl rug with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry.
    • All floor cleaning liquids should do.
    • Do not use acid or chlorine.

    Special care

    • Do not drag heavy furniture across the vinyl rug.
    • Do not fold the mat, leave it flat or roll it into a roll.
    • For indoor use only. Can be used in a shaded patio or balcony.
      Colors may fade in direct sunlight.
  • Size & color

    There may be slight color changes between the images
    on your screen and the actual product.

    There may be a deviation of up to 3% in the product size due to the production process.