משלוח חינם בקנייה מעל ₪1800

Tips on how to use our products

How do I hand the designer sheet?

It’s a simple DIY task. The designer sheet Can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the surface and personal preference. You can use thin plywood or wood panels, placing them on the entire back surface or only top and bottom. Hang it from the wood or use strong double-sided adhesive and place directly on the wall.

You can also use nails or staples ( depending on the designated surface) but in our opinion, it is less recommended.

If needed, use a Stanley knife and ruler to adjust the size and fit. Apply on a completely clean and dry surface. Do not tape the entire frame to allow your surface a little breathing room. We do not recommend installing on walls subjected to moisture infiltration such as bathrooms to avoid mold accumulation. Do not place next to a fireplace

How do I apply deco stickers?

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