משלוח חינם בקנייה מעל ₪1800

Handle & Care

How do I straighten my tile flooring mat?

Cold weather can affect the performance and flexibility of the mat so warmth should do the trick. Reverse roll the mat and lay it for a moment in a safe distance from a mild heat source until it softens a little. Spread the mat on the floor. Within a short while it will flatten out completely.

How do I clean Beija Flor mat?

Our mats are the easiest to clean and require very little maintenance.

How do I clean Beija Flor placemats?

Can Beija Flor products be used outside?

Our mats are intended for indoor use, However, they can be used in a shaded patio or balcony. Be mindful as colors may fade in direct sunlight. We don’t recommend using our mats in wet environments.

Are your mats suitable for the bathroom?

For your safety we don’t recommend using our mats in wet environments as they don’t have an anti-slip surface.

Can I use floor mats on floors with radiant heating systems?

Yes. Beija Flor floor mats can withstand 85°F/30°C from radiant heating systems.

Can I use my Beija mat on wood flooring?

From years of experience we didn’t encounter any problems with using our marts on wooden floors. However, as wood is a natural and breathing material we do recommend to handle it with extra caution. Before placing the mat make sure the floor is completely dry. Otherwise, the floor mat materials may have a negative reaction when placed on a wooden floor. We also recommend occasionally lifting and moving your floor mat to refresh and air the sourface.

Can I place hot pots directly on a placemats or runner?

We offer table runners and trivets that are heat resistant and perfect for serving hot pots. However, our placemats aren’t made to endure high temperatures such as these and can be damaged by misuse handling.

Any special care instructions you can share with me?

With reasonable domestic use our mats will serve you for many years. Please note the following:

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